The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Website Launch 2019

The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Website Launch 2019

I have made some mistakes launching my own website and I have realized it will be very useful for any person who is thinking to make this.

I have also learned and read a lot during these 6 months. So here is my top 10 checklist to prepare your website or online business, if you are planning to launch a website or online business:

Let’s see point by point. I hope you don’t make the same common mistakes I also made.

What will be the purpose of the website?


Is it going to be to sell online products, just having a website online, blogging, try to get online leads?

This is related to point two if you don’t have clear this. Then you will choose the wrong platform for your purpose.

As I explain in the second point, I made the mistake to choose Wix instead of The main reason is I didn’t analyze previously the purpose of the website. In my personal case, it was about blogging and get online leads by blogging and quality content of my services and public references.

Analyze which platform you need to achieve your target.

Is it better by amazon web services, Shopify, blogging,,, Wix?

There are many blogs and articles speaking about the comparison. So, I won’t focus on this and I recommend this link: How to Choose the Best Website Builder in 2019 (Compared).

I personally can speak about Wix and


It is very good if you are just planning just to have an online website. It means, they use pre-built templates and it is very easy to use.

I personally created (Achieve Your Goals). But, unfortunately, the website is still not optimized for SEO. I have read they made a lot of improvements to this.

Once again if your purpose is to just have an online website and that’s all, then it is a good choice. I personally prefer even for only blogging or even to have only an online website.

Before you make the decision, read and analyze the SEO pros for each platform.

This is what I was speaking about in the previous point, I didn’t read and I wasn’t aware about these points and other features, so I created and I paid for 1 year on Wix and I actually won’t use this.

What hosting you will use: Check out you have hosting + domain.

I have a friend who didn’t check this before and it was a mess to join the hosting provider with the domain.

I personally use, I have study and read about who is the best provider and this is what I got on the best recommendations. They don’t have 100% availability, but majority of them they don’t have neither, unless that you can afford to pay a lot.

I also would like to clarify that I don’t have any agreement or profit on everything I write in this article, so it just my personal experience and advice.

Think about the name of your business, but don’t spend too much time.

The name of your website and business will be one of your identity. It is very common to get stuck on this step and spend days, weeks or in the extreme case over a month.

I understand you would like to have a good name, but how many brands you know with names without any meaning? For example taxi Uber, Marca, Twitter, Google, etc

You will need to brand your company, not matters the name.

The name should be short, so it is easy to remember.


Just as advice, long names without any meaning will be a thug name to remember. I have seen many young entrepreneurs or amateurs, online business owners, how they try to put a long name, in order to give as much information as possible.

You should be aware this is a wrong concept and you can test it once again with the previous examples I gave you in point 5.

The name is affecting the SEO but it is not critical.

If you are new on this, you will read and learn how many factors is affecting the google algorithm. Having a good name according to your business is helping on your SEO, but it is not the main factor and it is also depending on your brand.

Once again, in the end, the most important will be your content, not the name. You can have the best name with not quality content, so anybody will find you or they won’t come back to your website.

Think about the design of your website.

This is a mandatory previous step before you hire a website freelancer. They will ask you how you want it looks like.

As a tip, if you are going to use WordPress, there are many themes examples classified by categories or names. So, you should explore this and make a doc document with screenshot, links, and text. Your website developer freelancer will thank you for this and you will get the job done faster and with the proper results.

It makes more sense to look for a website freelancer. Don’t try to become a website expert.


Some of my customers from tech startups they never hired a website developer freelancer in order to save money. So they decided to start from zero and develop everything by themselves.

Having in mind that they are co-founders and their main target is to survive by selling and making business, they are wasting a lot of time learning and managing the website.

Therefore, how much worthy is to do everything by yourself?

There are many freelancers website to hire developers, where you can rather ask for offer or just post there your budget and you will receive bids and offers.

If you are interested to use which platform I use, just write a comment below or contact me.

Start to put content into your website.

Even if you are not expert on the website, you should learn the basics so you can manage by yourself the content, add, delete and modify.

Now, you have everything ready it is time to put quality and unique content.

If you are planning to launch your own startup, it will be also interesting for you Top 10 reasons of why startups fails? How to avoid it?.

Startups Tips mission and value.

In Startups Tips we know and experience how much pain and cost means investing in the wrong strategies and people. Thus, we help  you to boost your Tech Startup abroad- Javier Nieto León. Founder at

I hope I helped you to avoid some common mistakes before you launch your website.

If you are interested in more Startups Tips, you can write a comment below or write to

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