Top 7 Strategies: How To Boost Your Partners At Your Tech Startup Vendor 2020

Top 7 Strategies: How To Boost Your Partners At Your Tech Startup Vendor 2020

It is time to boost your channel partner ecosystem. First, you should understand and be aware of:

Once you have clear all these previous steps, it is time to develop a channel partner ecosystem.

I have developed these Top 7 strategies on how to boost your Partners at your Tech Startup, in order to move from the theory to make this happens.

Let’s start with the personal relationships from employees and contractors.

By personal relationships from employees and contractors.


I spoke in a different chapter about The power of personal relationships at the phases of sales at startups.

From my personal experience, this is the most effective way and the one with better performance.

Be aware of what types of Personal Relationships are real between individual. People working in Corporative companies are having relationships between the brand of companies.

Let me tell you another real story, so it will help you understand better about this awareness.

Real Story: Sales guy going from a Corporation to a Startup.

One of my former colleague from the U.K, he was a very successful employee at the Enterprise companies.

After he started to cooperate with a tech startup for the first time, this success started to get down.

Why he was succeeding at corporations? Why he was failing at startups?

The reason is the lack of awareness of this factor on personal relationships. I also would like to add that the methodology and culture of working in corporations and startups are completely different. Especially at the early stage on the startups.

My personal Real Story going from a Startup to another startup.

I have experienced something similar, passing from one startup to another one.

I was a success in all of the tech startup, however, some former relationships stopped to respond from one to another startup.

Sometimes was the brand relationship (the relationship wasn’t personal, it was between the vendor-customer or vendor-partner) and other times because of the type of solution and target customer didn’t fit each other.

By local Value Added Distributors.

Without any doubt the second most powerful strategy. I have been lucky to work with great local Cyber Security VADs and I really have to thanks to them.

They boosted the partnership channel development when I didn’t have any local contact. Thus, the pipeline and first references were coming as well.

Be aware, not all the local VADs will work in the same way. You need to get your “ideal one” or with features of your ideal partner.

What features can help you?

  1. They are already cooperating with other cyber security startups. It means the partner is an early adopter.
  2. The percent of startups brands are between 30%-60%.
  3. They have complementary solutions to your solution. For example an alliance.
  4. They are not a global distributor such as Ingram Micro, G-Data, Exclusive Networks, Arrow.
  5. Working with the same model solution SaaS, hardware.
  6. Having a good rate of the number of vendors and sales/pre-sales people.

I explain you in details all these points in the following post: 8 Factors From Your Ideal Business Partner For Your Tech Startup

By channel development recruitment consultancy.

This is the third with the best performance. The formula here is to pay to Startups Tips or Channel Development Recruitment companies a fix for every partner recruited and a percentage of closed deals.

How much do you invest in events, google ads, social network ads and you are not getting engagement or results? With these third alternatives, you make sure you pay for guaranteed results.

If you need any help across Europe, Middle East and Asia, I will help you with these services: javier.nieto@

By local VARs and MSP.

Working with Cyber security and IT Vendors, you notice you have to have VARs and MSPs as much as customers. You get visibility and new leads from their current customer portfolio, so the speed of your growth and scale-up will depend on them.

Here it is working the same concept explained in point 2: By Local VADs. An only small percent of VARs and MSP will listen to you and they will be on the group of innovators and early adopters. Therefore, focus on these that are moving faster.

The MSPs are selling white-label services to their customers, so the customer won’t notice if there is a startup or a well-known brand under their services. Therefore, it is also working very well for SaaS (Software as a Service) Vendors.

By Tech Vendor Alliances.

Working with a tech vendor ecosystem alliance can boost your visibility, awareness and at the end of the path, your sales. Especially on the international markets.

Advantages from the technical point of view.

Here, the concept is having one packet solution.

Nowadays, there are thousands of tech vendor solutions. Having, so many solutions working as stand-alone creates more efforts for IT Managers works in such a complex environment. For this reason, the tech vendor partnership together.

Advantages from the commercial side.

  1. You get extra visibility and awareness on customers and partners portfolio of other vendors.
  2. A differentiator feature from other competitors. Positive, in the case, the alliance is unique or negative if you don’t have any alliance integration.
  3. You get new big direct customers because of the positive differentiators. I remember, how we go an important Spanish telco because of the integration between Flowmon Networks and F5 against Arbor for DDoS Solutions. The lead was coming from F5 Country Manager personal relationship.
  4. You exchange customers and partners in shared events where both parties invite to their references.

By customers references.


If you are working directly with them, they can recommend their local reseller and get a customer and partner at the same time.

I will tell you another personal real case with Flowmon and Spanish partners.

Do you know how did I get my first reseller? It was with my first Spanish customer. It began as a lead from the website, later a PoC, offer and confirmation of purchase order. I explained we are 100% channel oriented, so I asked for a recommendation of his trust reseller and I got at the same time new customer and new reseller.

It didn’t finish here the story, this reseller helped me in the same way with the Spanish local VAD.

By marketing activities

There are many marketing activities you can do: cyber security events, lead generation campaign, distributor partners events, online marketing such as google ads, PPC campaign, social network campaigns, and B2B events.

I will explain to you in details all these points in a different post.

Startups Tips mission and value.

In Startups Tips we know and experience how much pain and cost means investing in the wrong strategies and people. – Javier Nieto León. Founder at

I hope I helped you to choose the strategy in order to boost your channel partner ecosystem at your tech or cyber security startup.

If you are interested in more Startups Tips, you can write a comment below or write to

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