5+1 Tech Startups Using Artificial Intelligence To Watch in 2020

5+1 Tech Startups Using Artificial Intelligence To Watch in 2020

The use of Artificial Intelligence by Tech Startups is becoming more and more popular, thus I decided to remark 5 Tech Startups Using Artificial Intelligence To Watch in 2020. You can find their category and the representative country.

5 Tech Startups Using Artificial Intelligence To Watch in 2020.

Photoneo (Industrial Robots) – Slovakia.

Photoneo European Tech Startup

Photoneo uses Machine Learning also in its bin picking solution AnyPick. It can pick randomly placed, mixed objects of various shapes, weights and sizes, as small as 1x1cm. Because the solution is driven by ML, it does not require any CAD models or any other input. AnyPick is able to make 500 picks per hour, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, which makes it a great solution for applications in e-commerce, warehouses, logistics, food industry, metallurgy and many more.

You can read the full article: Photoneo – Providing Eyes & Intelligence For Industrial Robots.

Betting Kings (Alternative Investment) – United States.

Betting Kings Revolutionizing The Way You Invest On SportsBetting Kings works to empower our members to invest in sports asset classes by leveraging AI, analytical tools and market trends that help individuals invest in the right sports investments for their portfolios. We review portfolios to ensure that they are aligned with established goals and offer advice to help keep them on track. Our Sports Investment Consultants are here to help!

You can read the full article: Discover Betting Kings: Revolutionizing The Way You Invest On Sports

Bitbrain (Neurotechnology) – Spain.

Bitbrain Health Products

Bitbrain is a brain technology company that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence and hardware to develop high-tech EEG brain sensing devices and other human monitoring technologies, together with software solutions for real-world applications in human behavior research, cognitive enhancement or brain-computer interfacing. Our objective is to help research, tech and health professionals to leverage neuroscience in a practical and reliable way.

You can read the full article: Bitbrain: A World-Leading Startup In Neurotechnology

Ainnova Tech (Neurotechnology for cancer detection) – Costa Rica.

Ainnova Tech Tech Startups Using Artificial Intelligence

Ainnovatech, is a company that uses the top of the artificial intelligence technology, with our knowledgeable team we create software for a better world. We are proud of our product BRAIN TD that is an additional tool for health care resources that empower their decisions and speed the patient’s assistance.

BrainTD, identify, segment and classify brain tumors using a supervised learning, the system is trained by more than 10k classified images and then uses a neural network to complete a successful classification with more than 90% of accuracy by each of the tumor classes, the best of BrainTD is that its knowledge is self-sustainable, at the moment to receive new images so as a result, the accuracy will increase due to the variety of images from different medical centers all working together for the same purpose, save lives.

You can read the full article: Ainnova Tech: AI To Diagnose Brain Cancer And Save Human Lives

Ai-Tradex (Fintech) – Costa Rica.

Ai TradeX Tech Startups Using Artificial IntelligenceAi-Tradex combines Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Big data in order to make the right decision at the right time for investing in Stock Markets.

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Tech startups using Artificial Intelligence to grow.

How Innovative Startups Use Artificial Intelligence to growLomit Patel, the author of this book knows what it takes to boost growth to make a start-up successful. As the VP of Growth at IMVU, he is responsible for user acquisition, retention and monetization. Apart from this he is also an author, advisor and a well-known speaker.

The Lean AI book deals with how start-ups can benefit when they use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to boost their growth.

This book is scheduled for publication around mid-March but is available for order at Amazon today.

You can read the full article: How innovative startups use Artificial Intelligence to grow 2020.


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