Syncbnb: Synchronize Your BnB Bookings Across Multiple Channels 2019

Syncbnb: Synchronize Your BnB Bookings Across Multiple Channels 2019

I interviewed to Alexander Caravatis (Co-Founder & CEO) at Syncbnb – Synchronize Your BnB Bookings Across Multiple Channels. Syncbnb is a  Travel Tech Startups with the mission to Synchronize your BnB bookings across multiple channels.

Why did you create Syncbnb?

Having been an owner myself and listing my properties on multiple channels (Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.) , I tripled my bookings and earnings. However, every time a reservation was coming from my channels, I had to go through every channel and close the dates manually on the calendars.

Context Challenges.

Trying to manage my properties on multiple channels has been a challenge. I tried different channel managers, but most of them either didn’t support two-way synchronization or didn’t offer it in real-time and there were instances where I ended up with a double booking and negative reviews. So here came the idea, back in June 2017 for starting my own company which offers real time synchronization between all vacation rental channels at an affordable rate for any Airbnb host.

Founder personal story

Before founding Syncbnb I was a co-founder at Viva Group, the largest Greek online service company. Before that I held various roles in tech companies in Greece, starting as a web designer/developer in the mid 90s and going through various management positions in a few of the largest tech companies in Greece. I left Viva group in 2016, and Petros Ziogas, my co-founder and CTO came back to Greece in 2017 and we started Syncbnb together.

What is your vision?

Syncbnb’s vision is to simplify the management of vacation rentals for agencies and independent hosts. We develop software solutions for owners to be able to manage large numbers of vacation rental properties in few and easy steps.

How do you help to your customers and partners?

Syncbnb helps Airbnb hosts multiply their revenue by listing their properties on many more channels (, Homeaway, Tripadvisor, etc.) and then we make sure home owners don’t get any double bookings by synchronizing their calendars in real time.

What makes Syncbnb different?

What makes us different from our competitors are 3 things:

  1. Our absolute focus on customer service, reliability and simplicity.
  2. We are the only ones that offer Zero Double Booking Guarantee
  3. We can synchronize ANY vacation rental channel, even if we’ve never heard of it before!

How to get in contact with Syncbnb?

Syncbnb is available globally, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can contact Syncbnb on their website at Syncbnb


Or by its Social Networks:


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