Discover 10+ Innovative Startups in Europe To Watch in 2020.

Discover 10+ Innovative Startups in Europe To Watch in 2020.
European Tech Startups To watch in 2020

The European Startup’s market is booming, thus I decided to remark 10 Startups in Europe to Watch in 2020. You can find their category and the representative country.

Discover Innovative 10+ Startups in Europe To Watch in 2020.

Myskillcamp (EdTech) – Belgium.

Myskillcamp - European Tech Startup

In general, learning management systems are cluttered with stiff, confined and hard to scale solution, leaving the learning departments in pain to provide an engaging learning experience to their workforce.
Knowledge is now everywhere and most of the time, happens outside of the company. Learners need a single learning environment to grow and learn new skills for their career.
Myskillcamp is a learning experience platform designed for, and trusted by, thousands of learners. We guide companies to train their workforce on the skills they need to master today and the skills they will need tomorrow.



Photoneo (Industrial Robots) – Slovakia.

Photoneo European Tech Startup

Photoneo is a leading developer of 3D machine vision for industrial automation. The product portfolio consists of both hardware and software and ranges from the award-winning 3D camera MotionCam-3D and PhoXi 3D scanners through bin picking solutions Bin Picking Studio and AnyPick to AMR Phollower 100 and automated 3D model creation.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2020 – Photoneo will release a new version (1.4.0) of its end-to-end, CAD-based bin picking solution Bin Picking Studio, with new features and upgrades. Customers can also look forward to a new generation of the AMR Phollower numbered 200. And what will be the biggest event of 2020? Photoneo plans to officially release its MotionCam-3D, which has already been internationally recognised as the highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera in the world for scanning in rapid motion.

Acid Tango (Software and Product Development) – Spain.

Acid Tango is a creative software studio based in Spain. They design and develop digital products for funded startups, venture builders and corporates’ innovation departments. They also work as venture builder, co-creating new digital business from scratch with their partners and leading global corporations.

Acid Tango follows an iterative and incremental work methodology, integrating their multidisciplinary squads with their customers’ team and working together in the development of their ideas and products.

Behavee (Martech) – Czech Republic.

Behavee European Tech Startup

Behavee is a one-stop shop that makes online marketing accessible for everyone.

At its core, Behavee helps small business owners create hassle-free, online campaigns at the push of a button for very affordable prices. Small business owners, who don’t have the knowledge or the resources to execute such campaigns. This helps them to acquire new customers through channels they weren’t able to use properly before.

Behavee combines this with easy-to-use web analytics that have precise, unsampled data. So small business owners can interpret their data in meaningful ways much more easily. Its web analytics tool also has a heatmaps and session recording feature and many more, which also means you pay less than purchasing separate tools. And best of all, it’s open-source.

You can read the full article: Behavee: An Opensource Hyper-Personalization SaaS Startup.

Fitqbe (HR Tech) – Poland.

Fitqbe European Tech Startup

Fitqbe helps next generation employers retain and engage talents. They’re delivering all-in-one employee wellbeing platform that combines gaming and social networking with multifunctional benefits marketplace. It’s the only solution that address HR needs so horizontally: from workplace wellbeing, communication, employer branding down to CSR, perks and benefits.

Their proprietary data analytics system drives positive ROI by gathering information from various sources: client’s payroll, ERP or CRM system, work collaboration tools like Teams and Slack as well as sport trackers and healthcare apps. They already serve most distinguished organisations like Deloitte, PwC, BNP Paribas, Santander Bank or GE and Brands like Pandora, Jack Daniel’s and L’Oreal. Fitqbe is expanding heavily across Europe to the most mature markets like UK, France and Germany.

DGROOPS (Travel Tech) – Croatia.

dgroops article Tech European Startups

DGROOPS is the only platform for tour operators & travel agents that enables them to connect with hotels to do group reservations.

Angelinas Dimitri, CEO & CO-Founder at DGROOPS has faced all issues and complexity of the Travel Industry. Thus, DGROOPS acts as a facilitator in order to help its customers to scale up and grow their business.


Kipuwex (Health Tech) – Finland.

Kipuwex European Tech Startup

Kipuwex is no longer solely a pain management solution but now Kipuwex is also a continuous care solution that allows one to remotely monitor e.g. your whole family continuously and in real-time. Kipuwex offers unparallel ease to patients (and family members) recuperating from illness, old age or poor health, especially while being in the dark about one’s physical condition between doctor visits/follow-ups.

Kipuwex utilizes wireless IOT technology to measure different physiological parameters such as heart rate, heart rate variability and electrical activity of the heartbeat, sound and skin temperature, etc. Based on these variables the software also calculates a number that indicates the patient’s pain on a scale from 0-10.

Syncbnb (Travel Tech) – Greece.

Syncbnb Travel Tech Startups

Syncbnb is service that helps vacation rental owners and managers increase their revenue and avoid double bookings by keeping their calendars synchronized on more than 200+ listing sites including Airbnb,, Homeway/VRBO, TripAdvisor, Expedia and many more, and is the top rated channel manager for vacation rentals in the world.

With thousands of customers in 87 countries Syncbnb the only channel manager that offers Zero Double Booking Guarantee and has 24/7 support in multiple languages. Syncbnb increases vacation rental revenue by an average of 40% in just one year, and has won numerous awards all over the world since it’s inception in 2017. This year Syncbnb is releasing a plethora of new features that help owners and managers save time and increase revenue including expense management, automated messaging, direct listing via custom website and much more.

PowerUp (Energy Tech) – Estonia.

Powerup Tech European Tech StartupPowerUp is one of the few companies in the region that makes a science-based hardware product – hydrogen fuel cell based electric generators. The research activity for these products has been ongoing for years and after 3 years of development, the team is ready to show their achievements. The company has grown from 0 to 6 full-time employees in 2019 and will keep growing even faster in the upcoming years as the product launch is planned for June 2020.

PowerUp was selected as a TOP6 energy company at Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge and TOP40 at Entrepreneurship World Cup. With the world looking more and more towards hydrogen, this company is no doubt one to keep watch on.


Morning Score (Martech) – Denmark.

Morningscore a Danish Martech Startup providing the tool that speaks the language leaders understand – $ and the ROI.

Their vision is to make the ROI on SEO measurable and easy to understand for decision-makers. They believe that leaders need a SEO analytics tool, that is like reading a financial statement.

The motto of Morningscore is to #MakeSenseOfSEO.

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