Best Startups in Chicago 2022

Best Startups in Chicago 2022

Best Startups in Chicago 2022

A pandemic setting off a wrinkle in time, there was never a better time for young startups. The willful took their chances and manifested no less than a technological revolution around the rapidly advancing planet. In digital marketing, cybersecurity, or web-based business operations, brilliant new startups bring brilliant new innovations. They aim for top-notch customer services and rival the multi-nationals of the world.

Chicago, otherwise renowned for its Chicago-style hot dogs and deep-dish pizzas, is a fertile hub studded with willing investors. An educated talent pool paired with one of the most stable economies in the world, Chicago has made a notable mark in the course of history. As we tell you about the best startups in Chicago, take note of the diversity of their services and excellent skills demonstration. From downtown to the suburbs, these startups in Chicago are a force to be reckoned with. Keep reading to find out more about the startups in Chicago which are going greater than anyone could have expected.

Keeper Security, Inc

Keeper Security is essentially a cybersecurity platform. Their aim is combating cyber threats, as cybercrime and information theft is a rising issue in this day and age. Keeper Security enables protection against password breaches, ensuring a safe online presence for companies and individuals alike, as data leakage is not uncommon and causes major losses to companies. They’re on their way to being one of the top-rated cybersecurity platforms.

They specialize in cyber and password security, password management, secure file storage, and SSO. In their assuring presence, you can rest easy with the safety fellas!

  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Industry: Information technology and services
  • Website:
  • Employees:  51-200


Catalytic is THE platform for digitizing business operations, basing in Chicago, Illinois. Marketing their slogan, ‘Make your work flow’, Catalytic is one the most innovative startups in Chicago as they aim to make your work faster and efficient by leaps and bounds. It’s an automated platform among many others, yet unlike others with their no-code work-flow algorithm. Their expertise lies in seamlessly joining your existing systems and making your tasks more coordinated, without heavy developmental software.

Their instant setup and nimble changes to your workflow are game-changing for companies, whether they be large-scale or newly established startups. Low maintenance and high visibility? That almost seems too good to be true!

The Mom Project

The Mom project stands out among startups in Chicago due to its unique background and the kind of service they provide. This platform was founded to link professional and career-oriented women with globally renowned companies so they can have a chance to accomplish their goals and enable them to reach out. The market acts as a platform that serves as both a marketplace and a digital community that is in league with gender equity and women empowerment. Recruitment, flexible jobs, and HR technology, The Mom Project incorporates it all!


Convr is an underwriting decision-making platform and is one of the leading startups for this service. commercial underwriting, previously an overlooked process, has been no less than revolutionized with the launch of this innovative startup. They have wielded Al, and integrating it with decision science, generating commercial customers in need of their underwriting decision services. Their website shows statistics of definite increases in productivity and profitability, ensuring that they employ only highly accurate data sources.

  • Headquarters: Schaumburg, IL
  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Website:
  • Employees: 51-200


BenchPrep is one of the leading educational startups in Chicago which consolidate technology, data, and educational courses to make learning a personalized experience. BenchPrep is a non-profit organization, helping people of all ages around the world earn better, effectively, and in a totally unique way. Few of the most complex courses that leave students scratching their heads are made engaging by the unique layouts of this startup’s use of instructional design. They make learning fun which is a pro point on its own for those who hate sitting down to finally get the assignment done.


In the era of social media, CitrusAd is a startup that has fused marketing and social networking. They are an advertising company but are masters of e-commerce. A top-notch ad platform, they are experts in banner ads, email ads, retail media, and sponsored searches. They can advertise not with the banners but the brains so that every person next to you knows. If you are looking for a product advertisement that is within your control, CitrusAd is the way to go. Your product is already sold!


Healthcare startups in Chicago demonstrate the importance of quality medical care and HealthJoy is not one to disappoint. They approach healthcare in a distinct manner. HealthJoy is a mobile app that provides clear-cut guidance to its employees and members regarding the most affordable and exclusive healthcare offers. They know that health can’t be compromised on and they do their best to ensure perfection. They offer telemedicine, updates of the newest healthcare packages, and a 24/7 connection for optimal reachability. Everyone needs healthcare, and HealthJoy makes it accessible!


Supply chain? Logistics? Forager is the way to go. They tackle problems that international shippers face the smart way. With industrial experience, their methods are defining cross-border shipping in a new light. Maneuvering technology to their use, this startup is one that everyone can make use of. Right now, as everything gets harder in the pandemic, it has some really nice tricks up its sleeve.  Modern transportation has never looked better and if they aim for ease, why not avail it?


Large-scale companies have large-scale databases. Often becoming too complex, here is where Fyllo can come into play. This computer software will be the balm to the troubles of managing data along with company media and retail, ensuring smooth working of your company’s software and website. Fyllo boasts a huge data marketplace as well, where inaccessible clients can often be found and verified. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an on-stop solution!


Car insurance poses a big question to most people, it being costly and coming with many uncertainties. Clearcover is one of the pocket-friendly insurance startups in Chicago, which affirm to not cost you a limb and a half for a secure future for you and your loved ones. Clearcover is the future of car insurance, covering your car without a doubt about its reliability. Plus points include a variety of benefits for its employees, as far as paid family leaves!


Greater demand for better healthcare, Kalderos was founded to aid medical affiliated organizations and professionals face the challenges properly. They make use of technology to uphold the system, and simultaneously lower the cost of healthcare. They work with drug manufacturers, medicine retailers, healthcare providers, and government agencies, aiming for maximum transparency. What better aim for a startup than to bring innovation in the healthcare business and bring it down to the civilians!

  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Website:
  • Employees: 51-200

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