9+ European Tech Startups Hiring Remotely Right Now

9+ European Tech Startups Hiring Remotely Right Now

Even the most famous European tech startups have been impacted by Covid-19. The good news is that in order to find the right match for their job postings, they had to stop inviting people for the interview on-site and started to interview them online. We have created 9+ European Tech Startups hiring remotely right now. Job portals have successfully released new tools to help people find employment during the coronavirus crisis, for example, hiring surge explorer, a library of tips and advice, and a free virtual event on how to prepare for a job search.

9 European Tech Startups Hiring Remotely Right Now

Although the majority of companies in the United States often search for remote workers worldwide, European Tech companies tend to be more traditional in this sense. Most of them prefer to see the candidate before offering him the possibility to work from home a few days in a month or full-time. There are various reasons for such a decision; traveling expenses inside European union are usually not so high so that they offer reimbursement of the ticket in case the candidate is not a resident.

In addition, after completing the hiring process, there is usually relocation support that helps their new employee with all the official country-specific paperwork. Because of these reasons is understandable that European tech companies were not so flexible in terms of online job in past few years.

Finally, pandemic forced European Tech Companies to start hiring online. Due to the obligatory confinement, we were not allowed to leave our houses. European borders are closed, and nobody knows when the situation will change. But the business must go on.

Here you can find some of the European tech companies that have a great name in the world of technology, and you can apply to their current job postings! Do not miss the chance to get your dream career from the comfort of your home!

European Tech Startups hiring in UK

In case you dedicated your career to internet security, Netsparker has become an industry-leading web application security solution. Check the Netsparker’s fresh job offers here.

European Tech Leaders in Germany

Are you excited about web design and development? Banking products are in demand and Outbank has various positions available on the website. You can find their recent job offers here.

European Tech Bureau in France

If you like working with tools balancing digital experience freedom with operational oversight, the French company Platform.sh focuses on the continuous deployment of cloud hosting. Their recent job offers are published here.

European Tech Startups in the Netherlands

Award-winning Dutch tech company Sketch is searching for creative website designers to their team. Do not hesitate to explore their job offers here.

European Tech Programming in the Czech Republic

Do you work in IT field, and you enjoy working on the complexity of booking systems? Then you must send your CV to Railsformers. For more information, you can contact them here.

European Tech Startups in Estonia

Why not apply for the position of Development and Operations Engineer in Guardtime? To see more details, you can review the official website here.

European Tech Gaming in Turkey

Peak games is a modern company, they are Turkish masters in global customer technology. There is still plenty of open online job postings on their website right here.

European Tech Digital Startup in Lithuania

Feeling great in the world of digital marketing, and you also have developer skills? Then Mailerlite is the right place for you to try. You can check their job offers here.

European Tech Startup in Belgium

Starcoders website will bring you to the field of software development. If you trust in yourself, you can contact Starcoders by using this contact form.

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