Best Startup News 2022

Best Startup News 2022

Best Startup News 2022

Startup News France

Spendesk is the fifth French startup to become a Unicorn in 2022

Spendesk helps you manage your expenses easily. With Spendesk, you can control your spending and stay within budget. Spendesk makes it simple to pay for things with your company card.

France is becoming a hotbed for startups, with five new unicorns announcing their funding round in January 2022. The country’s newest billion-dollar company has just been revealed after Spendesk announced they had raised $114 million (€100M) from Tiger Global to extend their Series C funding event that took place last year when the firm received capitalization worth over one trillion euros!

Spendesk is the all-in-one corporate spend management platform for medium companies in Europe. Focused initially on virtual cards for online payments, the company has expanded its product offering to tackle everything related to corporate spending. With Spendesk, customers can order physical cards for employees, and team members can use the platform to pay outstanding invoices, file expense reports, manage budgets, and more.

Spendesk offers banking and accounting services to small businesses in Europe. With 3,500 clients — around half of them are based near Paris while other clientele hail from Germany or England; they’ve spent €3 billion through the platform within 2021 alone!

Spendesk is one of the leading spend management solutions in Europe. It is the solution for modern businesses that need a simple, efficient way to pay their suppliers and manage expenses. With Spendesk, you can instantly transfer money to any supplier in over 100 countries worldwide with just a few clicks.  Their built-in fraud prevention system ensures that your payments are always secure.

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Startups News Germany

Berlin-based EMnify raises €50 million to expand cellular connectivity in the IoT stack.

EMnify is the solution for anyone looking to securely and reliably connect their IoT devices. With EMnify, you can quickly and easily deploy connected devices all over the world without having to worry about network security or scalability. EMnify’s APIs and SIM technologies make it easy to connect any IoT deployment.

Plus, with 77% revenue growth from 2016-to 2021, you can trust that EMnify is a company you can count on for your cellular connectivity needs. This reliable and leading block secured a €50 million investment from One Peak in 2019.

The EMnify IoT Super network is a revolutionary platform that provides companies with the tools to succeed in the global marketplace. With over 110 full-time experts and access to over 600 radio network operators, EMnify has everything you need to take your business to the next level.

It raised €70 million in total funding and helped companies scale their solutions in 140 markets. And with plans to expand into 10 more cloud regions by 2022. EMnify is always at the forefront of innovation. So whatever your IoT needs may be, EMnify is sure to have a solution that fits.

EMnify secured a €10M Series A round of funding, which will allow them to accelerate their market expansion and product development globally. The company plans on focusing heavily in North America, where they currently have a 20% share with other parts around the world like South East Asia or Europe, seeing increases within this next three years’ time span!

They also plan to double their headcount by 2022, which will allow more workforce behind these efforts so that everyone can enjoy all this booming business.

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