Software Sauna – Code From Croatia With A Nordic Twist

Software Sauna – Code From Croatia With A Nordic Twist

I interviewed to Ilkka-Cristian Niemi (CEO) at Software Sauna. Software Sauna is a  lean and agile software development house with a passion to craft clean code.

They bring you code from Croatia with a Nordic twist.

Why did you create Software Sauna?

After spending 9 years of his career in Poland the founder, Ilkka-Cristian Niemi, started to think that it would be a good time to do something different and work for himself. Having an extensive work experience in outsourcing, recruitment as well as management of an IT R&D center it was kind of natural to start up a software company. “I wanted to create something new to meet the needs of modern software development and help Finnish companies by providing them a remote development team. As a fan of good leadership and great working culture, I also wanted to create a workplace where people would really enjoy spending their time”.

Founder personal story.

Ilkka-Cristian Niemi is a Finnish business nomad who worked for almost a decade in Poland, before moving to Croatia to establish his first startup. During his career Ilkka-Cristian has been involved with IT business in various ways, mostly providing services for the companies in the sector. In 2016 he jumped into a business management role for a Finnish IT service provider in Poland. Since then he slowly started to consider the next big move and establish his own company. The business idea of Software Sauna was a combination of all his previous work experiences.

Croatia was chosen as his next location after several holiday trips to the country. Naturally, the business environment was also screened before the final decision was made.

What is your vision?

We want to create one of the best workplaces in Croatia where talented people can do cool stuff and get their own ideas and voices heard. Our core values for people are teamwork, friendship, commitment, work-life balance and zero hierarchy. We want to give everyone a chance to make an impact.

Business wise we want to become a well-known and appreciated software development partner for Nordic IT companies. We want to take the near shoring services to the next level with a focus on quality over quantity. With time, we would like to see about 50 developers in our team in Croatia. Also, expansion in the region is possible.

How do you help your customers and partners?

We provide Full Stack software development in an agile environment, with modern web and mobile technologies. Our team consists only of experienced developers with diverse backgrounds and solid knowledge of various programming languages and frameworks. We help our clients build solutions which are a crucial part of their businesses. We deliver custom software development from scratch, but in several cases we are working as a remote development team to our clients who are owning the project/product.

What makes Software Sauna different?

We hire only experienced and senior level engineers with diverse backgrounds in building heavy-traffic web applications and scaling distributed infrastructures.

Software Sauna Team
Software Sauna Team

We strive for zero hierarchy, meaning also that we don’t have project managers, but our developers communicate directly with our clients.

We believe that open communication and partnership with our clients is the right way to build world class solutions together. Our organization emphasizes self-managed behavior. Generally, we want to combine the Nordic business culture with expertise of top notch Croatian engineers.

How to get in contact with Software Sauna?

You can contact Software Sauna from their website at:

By telephone and e-mail:

+385 95 361 5202,

Or by its Social Networks:


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