Rovenso – Agile Robots For Security And Safety Monitoring Of Industrial Sites

Rovenso – Agile Robots For Security And Safety Monitoring Of Industrial Sites

I interviewed the Co-Founders at Rovenso: Thomas Estier (CEO), Lucian Cucu (CTO,) and Beat Geissmann (lead Roboticist). Rovenso is a Swiss Tech Startup of EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) incorporated in January 2016, on the mission to make a world where no humans are professionally exposed to dangerous situations.

Why did you create Rovenso?

We created ROVENSO in 2016 as a spinoff of the Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) motivated by using a robot to avoid sending humans in hazardous places, and this in civilian applications.
We now focus on developing ROVéo, a robot for the security and safety monitoring of industrial sites.

Founders personal story.

ROVENSO is co-founded by Thomas Estier (CEO), Lucian Cucu (CTO,) and Beat Geissmann (lead Roboticist). Lucian performed R&D in robotics both in academy (EPFL & Harvard) and in industry (rehabilitation robotics). Beat is a brilliant roboticist who sent a rover to Antarctica & back with a small team of passionate friends and no budget. Thomas co-founded BlueBotics in 2001 (robotics startup; now team of 32 and growing) and brings a 15 years industry (business development, operations & executive management).

We started to work 100% on the project one year prior to incorporating ROVENSO in January 2016. We then relocated to China in Shenzhen for 6 months to fasten our product development. That radical and intense experience shaped the DNA of the company: extraordinary execution, curiosity, resilience, and speed.

You can also find the founders’ background on our website:

What is your vision?

A world where no humans are professionally exposed to dangerous situations.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Concretely ROVéo patrols fully autonomously 24/7, 2-3x more cost-effective than manned guarding, inside and outside industrial buildings, preventing intrusions, detecting any thefts of assets, but also detecting safety hazards such as start of fires, liquid/gas leaks or systems dysfunctions that could put people’s life at risk, and that could be even missed by security guards.

What makes Rovenso different?

We are the only one offering the same robot for patrolling both indoors and outdoors, having the ability to overcome vertical steps of 35cm and even climb stairs that are inevitably part of the patrolling path in the urban surroundings of industrial buildings. Moreover, we are the only one able to perform a multimodal detection of anomalies by combining precise volumetry, night vision, thermography, and acoustic analysis.

How to get in contact with Rovenso?

By StethoMe’s website and email:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website

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