Project Crowd Latest AI For Recruitment 2019

Project Crowd Latest AI For Recruitment 2019

I interviewed the Founders from Project Crowd: Dennis Hauck and Kathrin Hauck. Project Crowd, AI For Recruitment,  is an innovative Recruitech based in Liechtenstein, Central Europe.

Why did you create your tech startup?

Dennis Hauck is in the tech space for more than 20 years now, starting my career in the late 1990s in the middle of the dot-com boom. Since then, he has been involved in the recruitment process of employees and external specialists in various roles and positions.

Project Crowd’s Co-founder Kathrin Hauck was also involved in hiring and managing external consultants and freelancers during her career advising FTSE 500 companies. For some time, she even worked as an external consultant myself and got to know the other side of recruitment.

Own recruitment challenge’s experiences.

From this shared experience of getting to know both sides of the table, you learn that everyone involved in recruitment has the same problems and challenges when it comes to finding the best candidate. Problems that can be solved when combing Artificial Intelligence and other technologies in the right way. That is, in short, is the motivation behind their venture and the Prowd platform.

What is your vision?

Context: 162 million people in Europe work independently.

162 million people in Europe work independently, 4.8 million people are freelancers in the UK and these statistics are increasing yearly. There is a current need in the market and a GAP to fill in order to recruit freelancers.

Prowd’s vision

The Prowd vision is, that in an evolving and more demanding employment market Prowd will deliver a unique, intelligent platform to connect freelancers, recruiters and employers. Prowd therefore is open for everyone and gives users a total new approach when it comes to finding and hiring external talents.

Could you share your success?

Project Crowd developed a running beta version of Prowd and are training the AI at the moment. By now, the matching engine shows great results and the feedback from companies that have access to the platform is very positive. Prowd will go public towards the end of the year, another major milestone for our venture.

What makes your tech startup difference?

Prowd represents a fundamental shift in the way we engage with work. By using Artificial Intelligence to match job-seekers to open positions Prowd enables unprecedented results in recruitment. Though the combination with Blockchain technology and smart contracts, existing processes are digitized, accelerated and their use made easier for users. From speed of engagement to mismatching job offers and the all-important “cultural fit” Prowd will deliver a tailored and unique approach for both employers and freelancers.

How to get in contact with Project Crowd?

You can get in touch with Project Crowd its website:

By email to:

Or by its Social Networks:


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