Partner Ecosystem – Let’s Grow Together in 2020

Partner Ecosystem – Let’s Grow Together in 2020

In Startups Tips we believe in the power of personal relationships and partnerships. Thus, we always seek to strengthen our Partner Ecosystem and support mutually to grow together.

“If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together” – African Proverb.

You can find our partners here:

Partner Ecosystem – Let’s Grow Together.

Legal Tech.

Robus Consulting Group.


Robus Consulting is an Israeli leading company that provides strategic consulting and business development services and has particular expertise in the niche-field of legal marketing for law firms.  Tech&Law is part of the Robus consulting group – Israel’s first and leading legal tech platform. The department leads the legal tech field in Israel and is considered the ‘gateway’ to Israel in this fascinating sector. The Tech&Law department is the exclusive Israeli ambassador of the European Legal Tech Organization, ELTA.


Venture Capital Summit

youngStartup Ventures | LinkedIn

YoungStartup Ventures, founded in 1999, was built on the dream of assisting entrepreneurs in building successful enterprises. During this time, youngStartup has connected hundreds of emerging startups with VCs, corporate investors, angel investors, and investment bankers. Its annual conferences in NYC, New England, and California are hubs for investors to connect with CEOs of early stage and emerging startups.

Startups Accelerators.

Intelectium Funding Accelerator

Intelectium Funding Accelerator

Intelectium is a business acceleration and seed investment company specialized in technology based startups development and financing. We work with high caliber entrepreneurs helping them refine their business plans and find venture and public capital to finance growth. Among our clients are companies such as Glovo, On Truck, Waynabox, Nextail, ShuttleCloud, Colvin, Whisbi, Brainsins, and many others.


Friend’s website platforms.

High-Tech Trends.

High-Tech Trends is on a mission to connect High-Technology lovers with innovative solutions and latest trends. 

Sharing the same founder as, it was missing a platform where you could find all the information for High-Tech lovers: Online magazine, company directory and latest worldwide events. You can find all the information on the website:


Are you interested to be part of our Partner Ecosystem with Let’s grow together.

We are seeking to grow with:

  • Startup Events Organizers.
  • Startup Accelerators.
  • Consulting accelerators offering services to help Tech Startups to go global.
  • Tech Startups. In order to become your PR Media to grow your audience and become the “megaphone” of your “Startup’s mission”.

If you are interested in partner with us, contact me by Linkedin


The Startups Tips mission is to help your Tech Startups to go from Local to Global.

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