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“I had experienced how much pain and cost means goes from Local to Global since 2014 when I started as a BDM at a Cybersecurity Startup Vendor. Thus, we help Tech Startups to go Global by a unique platform that connects Startup needs, Startup Service Providers and Tech Startups Enthusiasts”- Javier Nieto León, Founder at

On our mission to help your Tech Startup to go Global, we help your Tech Startup by:

  • Listening to your Startups needs. Connecting your needs with Startup’s Service Providers.
  • Promote your Tech Startup in our Online Magazine to over 4,500 Tech Startup Enthusiasts on the Social Networks and Newsletter.
  • List your Tech Startup in our Global Tech Startup Directory.
  • Event promo discounts.
  • Business, Sales, and Marketing Tips for Scale up your Tech Startup. Remote Team

Our team is fully remote with Startups Enthusiastic Specialist.

Javier Nieto León

Javier Nieto León


Javier has been building the international market of worldwide Tech Startups since 2014. He founded Startups Tips with the mission of helping Tech Startups to go from Local to Global. He took the experience for guiding and educating others Tech Startups to don’t make the same mistakes and connect with other specialist providers around the world.

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Kristina Velickovska


Kristina started as a SEO trainee for Startups Tips and worked her way to the position of Marketing Analyst in only three months. She holds an MBA and a Master degree in entrepreneurship ecosystem and innovative strategies which helped her immensely for understanding the start-up environment and the needs. Contributors

Jitka Sládková


Jitka Sládková has a strong experience with  SME ICT companies, dealing with corporate governance and understanding the pains and challenges of new ventures in managing the first level of investment, future growth up to international trade sale or IPO. She was over 5 years director of NSM Cluster, she is a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Technology Park Brno. She has a doctorate in competitive strategies and she participated in several international clusters project (C-Plus, CNCB, Clusters-Cord etc.) and R&D projects regarding the SMEs.

Traineeship at

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Javier Nieto León

When I started as a Business Development Manager at a Tech Startup Vendor in 2014, I faced the issues and the pains about how hard it is becoming a global Tech Startups. The Startups Tips mission is to help your Tech Startups to go from Local to Global.

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