Myskillcamp – The Learning Experience Platform 2020

Myskillcamp – The Learning Experience Platform 2020

I interviewed Amandine Coutant (COO & Co-founder) and  Kevin Tillier (CEO & Co-founder) at myskillcamp. Myskillcamp is a Belgian Education Technology Startup on the mission to give everyone the same chances to achieve their full potential, by being their best companion on the road.

Myskillcamp – The Learning Experience Platform

About Myskillcamp Co-Founders.

Kevin Tillier, CEO & Co-Founder at myskillcamp. As a former teacher, I learned that learning is not a process. Each detail of the learning process can transform a personal achievement into a stable improvement.

Amandine Coutant : COO & Co-Founder at myskillcamp. I am managing all operations related to myskyllcamp, From People management (commitment / hiring, ECC)  to the whole financial and marketing department: Investors, financial and marketing.

Why did you create myskillcamp?

We created myskillcamp to give everyone the same chances to reach their full potential by learning the right skills at the right time.

First created for Education, we quickly realized that this market was not ready to give autonomy to the learners so we turned towards the B2B market.

What is myskillcamp?

Myskillcamp is a learning experience platform that motivates and guides the workforce throughout their learning journey.

Learners need to become actors and responsible for their employability. By a single interface, companies can offer and connect their LMS/TMS as well as provide all the content learners have access to. This catalog centralizes more than 250.000 online courses coming from different providers like Linkedin Learning, Bookboon, Goodhabitz.

What is the aim of myskillcamp?

Our target is to connect your personal and professional accounts and centralize all your content in one place

At the beginning of our company, we took a lot of time to listen to people (exhibitions, networking, etc.)

  • What were their troubles?
  • What kind of tools did administrators/learners use?
  • What are the results?
  • What will be best for them?

The market was there but not the product for it/them (our customers)!

Organizations need to use Digital to engage their workforce in learning the skills they will need for the future.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Customers & partners: We help both because myskillcamp is composed of 3 services :

  • Platform: where you can create, share, learn, collaborate … about training
  • Services: coaching/onboarding and creation of content with them
  • Partners: connexion of partners on the same platform (Linkedin Learning, Bookboon, Goodhabitz, Pluralsight, etc.)

Our partners have access to new customers or existing customers that want to deliver their pieces of training faster and in a simpler way through a single interface.

Our customers only have one platform to manage, and therefore can build learning journeys with the best content out there.

What makes myskillcamp different?

Myskillcamp platform

Lifelong learning is surely what differentiates us from other providers. We believe everyone should have their own personal learning space that they simply connect and disconnect depending on their employers, mission, projects… Skills are the assets of each of us. Thus it belongs to you. The organization for whom you work for has to contribute to your development, but learners must remain in the driver’s seat.

With myskillcamp, you keep your ‘Skills’ passport and your access forever, if you decide to.

How to get in contact with myskillcamp? 

By its website and email:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website


By the next events and conferences:

Myskillcamp also created their own events (Lxday, good e-morning etc.) where you can learn and share your vision of what learning is or should be (DLM, HR, learners, experts, etc.)

You can find our events:

By its Social Networks:


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