Best Mental Health Startups 2022

Best Mental Health Startups 2022

Best Mental Health Startups 2022

Perfect health is probably the most significant gift you give to yourself. Though money comes and goes, but wellbeing is something that you can never compromise. Our perception of health only constitutes physical health. However, nowadays, many mental health startups work day and night to focus on overall wellness with physical health. These mental health startups come up with new technologies like virtual systems for rehabilitation and online counseling services.

Quartet Health

Quartet Health is the leading tech-enabled mental health company, working with health plans, systems, and provider groups to deliver speed to quality mental health care for all. Quartet’s sophisticated data and analytics, along with personalized services, exist to advance quality care as defined by four measures, speed to care, seamless patient experiences, improved health outcomes, and affordability.

Click Therapeutics, Inc.

Looking to improve your health and wellbeing? Look no further than Click Therapeutics, Inc.!  Their innovative software-based treatments can help you overcome a range of unmet medical needs. With cutting-edge cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms, we can help you make real change within yourself. Plus, Clickometrics® adaptive data science platform ensures that you always have the best possible experience with our treatments. So why wait?


Cerebral is on a mission to make it easier for everyone to get the high-quality mental health care they need. They’re tackling the stigma that surrounds mental illness and making care more accessible and convenient. Their team of over 2500 members is working hard every day to improve access to care for all.

Spring Health

Spring Health is the perfect solution for employers who want to modernize their behavioral health benefits.  They offer digital exercises and EAP services, to coaching, therapy, and medication.  This platform use a proprietary assessment and machine-learning technology to match members with a care plan personalized to their needs. Each member has access to a Care Navigator to help guide them through their options.


SonderMind is revolutionizing the mental health industry by making it easier for therapists to connect with new patients, and guaranteeing instant payment on claims. Whether you are a licensed therapist looking to grow your practice or someone in need of mental health services, SonderMind is the perfect solution.


7Cups mental health service mainly focuses on people who have a severe mental illness and is considered one of the best mental health startups. This virtual therapy program is meant to assist a person who feels alone, depressed, worried, etc., and desperately needs emotional assistance. This US-based company made an app named 7Cups that provides on-demand exceptional help and support. There are many licensed counselors available to help in personality development.


Meditopia is a Turkish mental health startup that created a meditation app. This app comes up intending to relieve tension, sleep better and achieve peace of mind. The app includes customized meditation services, different bedtime stories of your taste, and relaxing songs. It has various programs like calming, deep breathing, and other strategies that better relieve depression and anxiety.

Sentio Solutions

Sentio Solutions is a USA-based mental health startup that made a mood-tracking wristband. This mood-tracking wrist band is synchronized with the app, which offers real-time monitoring and customized treatments for people suffering from anxiety or depression. This company uses new technology that checks behavioral changes.

Lyra Health

Lyra Health is improving mental health care by building a safe and reliable experience for members, employees, and service providers. This mental health startup has the main aim to transform mental health care by using the newest technology. And also, this startup helps to make a connection between service providers and employees of many companies.

Pear Therapeutics

Pear Therapeutic is a privately-owned eHealth organization that produces digital therapy solutions. This is another of our top mental health startups recommendations . The Startup uses different digital therapies to cure severe mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, addiction, and sleep disorders. It uses intelligent, user-friendly software that gives better outcomes for the patients.


Calm is the top leading mental wellbeing brand. This company comes up with the no. 1 app, specially built for sleep, meditation, and relieving stress. Calm is considered one of the successful mental health startups. Its app has a vast database that helps to relieve stress for busy people. The calm app supports almost 190 countries worldwide.

HQ location: San Francisco, California

Employees: 51-200 employees



Ginger’s makes it far easier for the patients to get on-demand mental healthcare. This startup collects vast data and provides virtual therapy sessions, and fulfills the assistance that people need.  To do this, you must install the app on Android or iOS and quickly connect with mental health experts.

Happify Health

Happify Health is an international wellness platform that makes a reliable connection with Virtual Therapeutics and Treatment Solutions to help people improve their mental and physical health. This mental health startup has a wide range of scientists, researchers, and experienced counselors who are always eager to make new ways to make people’s lives stress-free.

Compass pathways

Compass pathways plc is UK based mental health startup. Its main aim to increase patient access to proof-based mental health innovation. This company is eagerly working to explore new and easy ways to assist individuals suffering from severe mental diseases like depression, anxiety, etc.


Talkspace is an online mental health startup with a network of trained and accredited therapists that provides very affordable and private counseling sessions. This organization is effortless to access if you have a tight budget. So, this online therapy platform is an excellent option for you. You can easily send queries to your therapist with simple text and voice messages.

Big Health

Big Health is a privately owned US-based mental health startup. Its primary purpose of bringing back millions of individuals to good mental health. This company operates on virtual therapy sessions, which help counselors examine the person’s behavioral changes. Big Health also launched a digital platform named Sleepio which helps to improve sleep. Through this, almost 10 million people are getting benefits.

Conclusion about Mental Health Startups

Here I am going to give my final verdict on top mental health startups. A lot of people do not know about these mental health startups nor about companies focusing on mental healthcare software development. We can say that these startups are changing millions of affected people’s lives, and people are getting positive outcomes. So, there is a complete demonstration of leading startups and their work.

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