Top 10+ Marketing Strategies For Your Tech Startup Vendor 2020

Top 10+ Marketing Strategies For Your Tech Startup Vendor 2020

Following the Ultimate Guide: Top 7 strategies on how to boost your partners at your Tech Startups. One of the strategies is by Marketing Activities.

What strategy is the correct one for your vendor? Let’s start with the full list of top 20 Marketing Strategies for your Tech Startup Vendor 2019. I will explain one per one.

Cyber Security or Technology Events.

This is the most common activity from all vendors across the world. I would like to show you from different perspectives, in order to make you aware of how it is working nowadays and how the trends are going.

  1. These kind of events are still working from the awareness perspective. You can attract Innovators and Early Adopters. (You can understand better about them at The Diffusion of Innovation at your Tech Startup and 8 Factors From Your Ideal Business Partner For Your Tech Startup).
  2. It is also good from the point of view of brand awareness and to show up the interest in the local markets, in the case you participate in a local event.
  3. In another hand, they are usually expensive for the results side on leads and business development. But this is relative, if your purpose is brand awareness, then they can be good if your purpose is business development or get some customers. I would advise investing in this activity in the late stage of your startup.

Personal breakfast or introduction.


For this type of activity there are two ways:

  1. An organization provide you the customers and bring you new leads.
  2. A business partner brings its customers to introduce your brands and solutions. This can be exclusive or shared only for you, it depends on your investment.

From my personal experience, this is working very well when the business partner brings its customers. Why? Because they are bringing 3 factors to their customers.

  1. The power of personal relationships for startups. From business partners to end-customers.
  2. Brand awareness.
  3. Showing up local investment, so local interest from the tech or cybersecurity vendor side.

Reference customer presentation of a case study by one IT Manager.

This is the most powerful marketing tool that every startup or brand can have, from my personal experience.

Every vendor or company will speech how their solution is the best, they do great, and so on. However, people trust more their peers and will listen to real cases. This works better than any sales speech.

Lead Generation Campaign by data base of contacts.

The process consists of buying a database of contacts with the rights of providing this to a third party. In Europe, it must be compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

After you have this, then you are contacting them by personal email and cold calls by yourself.

I personally don’t recommend this one because of the performance. Here the process is to catch customers that may never look for your solution. What about if the customers catch you? So, they already have the needs and budget on the customer side.

Lead Generation Campaign by cold calls from a third party.


The same concept here as in point 4 with databases of contacts. The difference, here it is done by a third party. The third party is usually a market agency providing this type of services.

However, I am speaking about cybersecurity vendors and I shouldn’t speak general.

One of my customers, a Software Development Startup from Canada was explaining how this methodology still working for SMBs in their local territory and for personal Software Development.

Lead Generation Campaign by arranged paid meetings.

The process here consists of paying a pre-agreed invoice to a marketing agency or freelance in order to arrange on-site meeting presentations with end customers. This means they will call them, do the whole communication and schedule a meeting with the customer for you. Their side finishes once the meeting is scheduled and it doesn’t matter the output from these meetings.

I have been personally using this meanwhile I cooperated with another cybersecurity startup. and I personally don’t recommend it. The reason is: Many customers are always opened to listen, everybody, even if they don’t have any need.

As far as they don’t have any specific need with you, you will just get leads but not converting into sales or with very very low conversion. But once again, it is my personal experience.

B2B Customer event: Fast date mode.

This type of activity is unknown for most people. I have been participating in this kind of events in Europe, in Italy.

The methodology is like “Fast dates”. It means, there are 20 tables with the vendors and for 1 or 2 days. The customer is switching to one table to another table. In every table, they have from 20 to 60 minutes to personal communication from both parties (customer and vendor).

I personally recommend this one by the performance. In two days, you listen and speak with around 30 customers. These customers are not random, they already choose to speak with you because of any interest. The majority of them are curious about your solution and they don’t have real needs. But still, it is better than the first choice of global or local events from the point of view of getting qualified leads.

Part two will include:

  1. Google ads Campaign.
  2. Google PPC Campaign.
  3. Google Adwords Gmail.
  4. Bing Search Advertising (Yahoo and Bing Search Engines).
  5. Linkedin Ads Campaign.
  6. Facebook Ads Campaign.
  7. Twitter Ads Campaign.
  8. Instagram Ads Campaign.
  9. Press release.
  10. Social Networks B2C Campaign.
  11. Inbound Marketing by Blogs and Datasheets.
  12. Guest blogging to other reputable sites or well-known brand companies.
  13. Public Webinars.


Startups Tips mission and value.

In Startups Tips we know and experience how much pain and cost means investing in the wrong strategies and people. We save your time by Startup Coaching & Consulting. Would you like to Boost your partners and sales at your Tech Startup? We will listen you and we will guide you – Javier Nieto León. Founder at

I hope I helped you to clarify on your marketing strategies to boost your business development partner ecosystem and sales lead generation.

I believe in cyber security startups, so I help them to meet their targets.

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