Skyrocketing Startup Leadoo Turning Website Visitors Into Quality Leads


A Finnish marketing technology startup Leadoo, turning website visitors into quality leads, is gaining quite a momentum.The company has rapidly grown in just 14 months to over 400 customers, nearly 50 employers and to three locations.

I interviewed to the CEO and Founder from Leadoo, Mikael da Costa.

Why did you create Leadoo?

Leadoo was born to help companies never miss a lead again. Marketers around the world are pouring a lot of effort on content marketing and on making their websites look and feel nice. The problem according to Leadoo is that when visitors land on those sites, there are few to none conversion points.

“So, firms do all the hard work, spend a lot of money, and get very low results”, explains Santtu Kottila the CMO of Leadoo and continues:

“Leadoo is on a mission to change that. We use conversational bots to help companies activate and convert their website visitors more effectively. As a result, visitors can enjoy a much better online customer experience, and companies get more leads and sales from their website.”

The founder’s story.

Leadoo’s CEO and founder, Mikael da Costa has an entrepreneurial background with experience from a number of transformative ventures. Most recently, he worked in recruitment, where the idea about Leadoo was originally born. Da Costa found out that talent marketing and employer branding efforts were going to waste, as potential applicants weren’t converting.

“Wait a second, the same thing applies to job applicants and business leads. I need to do something about this”, da Costa says and continues:

“Our vision is very straightforward – We want to be the #1 lead generation service out there, helping companies convert more visitors to the desired action. Whether it’s leads, more and better job applicants or just more satisfied website visitors.” – Mikael da Costa, CEO & Founder at Leadoo.

How does Leadoo work?

Leadoo claims to provide the latest in conversational bot technology, and a full service geared towards making the bots convert as effectively as possible. This allows customers to get more leads and sales from their website.

Leadoo is a combination of technology and service.

“This is in the core of our business philosophy. We make sure that each one of our customers gets onboarded properly, because this allows them to achieve results from the get-go. This differentiates Leadoo from the typical SaaS company that only provides the tech”, explains da Costa.

How to get in contact with Leadoo?

You can contact Leadoo by its web:

By email and telephone:

Mikael da Costa (CEO), tel. +358 45 262 5977

Or by its Social Networks:

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