Kellify – Italian Fintech By Artificial Intelligence

Kellify – Italian Fintech By Artificial Intelligence

Our first Fintech Startups is coming from Italian scientists founders: Kellify. The Italian fintech by Artificial Intelligence, that helps the “experts” to invest in “inefficient” markets.

About Kellify.

Kellify is a Fintech startup founded by three visionary leaders with the aim of reimagining the way Artificial Intelligence can spot the future.

Founders personal story.

On the one hand Fabrizio Malfanti (Chief AI Officer) is the brain of the Kellify’s proprietary algorithm. Currently Adjunct Data Mining teacher at the University of Genoa he has been building solid grounds for years to achieve an efficient talent acquisition process and find the best tech specialists and data scientists.

Thanks to several years spent developing different technologies, he managed to bring his knowledge and experience to this new project. Indeed, with the help of Gabriele Torre (Chief Math Officer) who developed new skills in the US working for NASA, they came up with the innovative Kellify’s AI engine.

On the other hand, Francesco Magagnini (CEO) decided to come back to Italy to challenge the status quo, after he has been working many years abroad within different environments. As a Venture investor in Tech he understood that an innovative leadership is needed in order to bring new lymph and change conservative and rigid old habits.

All committed to the idea that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can and should be used to better understand the oldest and most complex human systems – including economic systems and illiquid markets – they created Kellify.

What is your vision?

Its approach is one of a kind. It is turning banking, investing and insurance ecosystems into Fintech enabling everyone to use AI without learning coding. It transforms data into different products (apps) to give users AI-superpowers, enabling them to invest easily in illiquid and more competitive markets by selecting the target investment they need the most.

From a user perspective it gives the chance to enjoy a reliable, intuitive and data-driven interface which helps discovering the hidden liquidity of artworks, vintage cars or fine wines, and to spot the future within the equity and commodity markets.

What makes your tech startup different?

Its innovation lies in the ability to combine the outstanding performance of a new FinTech approach with transparency and impact on the real economy by giving users the possibility to use technology as a tool to solve problems.

Kellify’s method is rooted in science based on AI and math modeling. It learns from the collective intelligence provided by human-transactions and historical evaluations and the corresponding final outcomes. The algorithms are indeed based on the real-time analysis of billons of historical data and estimations provided by several financial experts, a process that would not be possible without the help of AI. This predictive approach is able to capture much more subtle phenomena, eliminating emotional aspects, misleading information, noises and allowing the correct investments (or enterprise decision) to be made.

International expansion with offices in New York and Malmö

Born in 2017 in Genova, Kellify has already an international footprint with offices in New York and Malmö. The team of 20 people is composed of physicians, mathematicians, product architects and economists and it is growing to a rhythm of 3-4 people per month.

How to be in contact with Kellify?

You can contact Kellify by its web: or by email:

Or by its Social Networks:

  • Instagram: @kellifyai
  • Twitter: @KellifyAI
  • LinkedIn: Kellify

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