KaviAR Tech, A Powerful Augmented Reality Tool 2020

KaviAR Tech, A Powerful Augmented Reality Tool 2020

We recently sat down with Michel Ruiz, CEO and Co-Founder at KaviAR Tech, a French Augmented Reality Startup Tool, on a mission to bring real added value to users and brands.

KaviAR Tech, a Powerful Augmented Reality Tool

How did you start working in augmented reality?

Founded by myself, Anthony Merzouki and Wajdi Ben Rabah, KaviAR Tech is an augmented reality market software startup headquartered in Paris, France focusing on creating innovative augmented reality solutions for people and companies. With a background working in the French Army since the age of 19, I changed careers and got a masters in marketing about a decade ago.  Together with my co-founders, we saw the opportunity in building unique augmented reality solutions for people and businesses.

Unlike virtual reality, which often requires a headset, augmented reality harnesses the power of the smartphone. With over 5 billion cell phone owners around the world, half are smartphones— meaning that over 2.5 billion people can easily use and adopt AR.  They can use AR for daily life, shop in AR stores and utilize AR for purchases of all kinds.  It’s an amazing industry and we are proud to be a part of the AR revolution.

Why did you create KaviAR Tech?

KaviAR helps companies and brands to place the content of their choice, including images, video, a web link or 3D objects, in augmented reality. Whether it’s a street sign, a tour guide or virtual store, consumers and companies can create the augmented reality experience of their choice. KaviAR Gate is an educational and enlightening new tool that harnesses the power of augmented reality, allowing the consumer to travel through a virtual doorway to their choice of incredible destinations—from an idyllic French beach to the legendary Grand Canyon.

KaviAR Gate’s new Museum Feature.

Within this app, we launched the new Museum feature that does something incredible: it allows consumers and businesses to create a customized virtual space, sales floor or art gallery.  This means that businesses can simply and easily initiate an augmented reality strategy—with our platform or within their own application. The new Museum feature enables people to create a virtual gallery, or “Museum”, within their own mobile application. It’s also a useful tool for anyone selling physical products— it’s a highly customizable and versatile feature.

What is your vision for augmented reality and KaviAR Gate?

KaviAR Tech, A Powerful Augmented Reality Tool

A recent study shows that over 71% of consumers would shop more often at a brand that offered AR, and 40% would be willing to pay more for it. It is imperative that brands, companies and corporations implement an AR strategy as soon as possible.  KaviAR envisions a future where AR enables and improves the daily experience. Consumers’ smartphones will soon become an interface, a filter between the real world and the virtual world, where augmented reality both educates and inspires.  Our vision is to transform experiences for the better.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Customers are seeking solutions to grow their businesses.  KaviAR Gate’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which integrates our state-of-the-art augmented reality technology, is a good option for those who already have an existing application. Others may prefer to use our seamless cloud-based app, with a grey- or white-label version of KaviAR Gate. Our versatile software offers a customizable and easy-to-implement experience for brands and businesses who want to reach customers in new and innovative ways.

What makes KaviAR Tech different?

KaviAR Tech is built by a passionate team of cross-disciplinary experts. Our product is unique in that it can be used alone, or in conjunction with the client’s existing platforms and systems. It is extremely customizable and we have seen it work for clients to improve their productivity and profitabilty. We are especially proud of KaviAR Gate’s new Museum feature, which has been optimized for a great consumer experience, and designed so that objects will feel true to size.

Augmented reality will change the world of retail and shopping for the better, more than any other technology. Companies interested in AR can create a virtual sales floor to showcase their products and offerings in a way that people can walk around and shop, regardless of where they are in the world. Since 2018, KaviAR Tech has been creating innovative, easy-to-implement augmented reality solutions for consumers, small businesses and corporate groups to improve user experience, increase profitability, and bring their brands into the 21st century.”

How can we get in contact with KaviAR Tech?

KaviAR Tech is here to help with augmented reality solutions. The KaviAR Gate demonstration may be viewed on our website at https://gate.kaviar.app/?lang=gb. Consumers and companies can find us on social media or contact us anytime via our website at https://www.kaviar.app.

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