29+ Most Innovative Italian Startups To Watch In 2021

29+ Most Innovative Italian Startups To Watch In 2021

29+ Most Innovative Italian Startups to watch in 2021!

Italy has always been underestimated for startup culture till the last few years. But, the Italian startups have witnessed a boom in recent years. Many reasons have supported the Italian startups’ scene that includes, Italian Startup Act 2012 and initiatives made by the national agency for attracting foreign investment, Invitalia.

The number of innovative Italian startups in the last quarter of 2020 has been reported to be 11,496. It wouldn’t be wrong that Italy is going to majorly contribute to the European startup scene. We have found 29+ Italian startups you might want to follow to see the trend of startup culture. So, let’s get into it.


On our list, the first of our Italian startups is Satispay, a smart payment platform to bring ease to payment methods. The startup is based in Milan, and they have been empowering merchants and individuals by revolutionizing the ways of making payments online. The startup is an innovation for simplifying payment methods, merchandising, and financial services for general people.


Uala is an online booking platform to facilitate people looking for beauty salons and spas. When it’s your bad hair day, and you are too busy at the same time, Uala will be your guide to find the best beauty salons in the town. Besides, a complete booking system is also present in the app. Uala is one of the most innovative Italian startups in the services and IT industry of Italy.


The next among top Italian startups is a travel tech startup based in Milan, Italy. Since 2013, TUI Musement has been the companion of the traveling addicts and tourism lovers. With more than 130,000 ‘things to do,’ Musement has provided a platform for deciding your holiday destination and an online booking system.

Musement is not just a ticket booking platform; rather, it is a whole experience for tourists. With their B2B partnerships, the Musement team provides from booking to fun activities and food to stay services for the tourists.


As the name suggests, Credimi is among Italian startups in the credit and lending industry. It is based in the economic heart of Italy, Milan. We already know that small and medium enterprises are often in need of urgent funds and with fewer complications. Credimi team has filled the gap by offering a simpler solution for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs and SMEs can get loans and credit on easy terms. The procedure of getting credit is easy and transparent than ever before. Credimi has actually contributed to the lending system and credit terms of the region.


Fresh and quality food is one of the sustainability issues the whole of humanity is facing nowadays. Cortilia’s team stepped and tried to address this problem and provide fresh and genuine food items to the people. They believe in ‘Just In Time’ and source poultry, dairy, vegetables, and fruits from the trusted farmers and provide them at your doorstep.

Cortilia has set a unique norm in the retail food industry. They have taken the retail food industry to the internet, and people can buy a subscription on the website. It can be weekly, bimonthly, or else according to the customer’s needs.


The next startup is among the Italian startups of the real estate industry. Many people own holiday apartments and want hassle-free earnings. Sweetguest facilitates such short-term rentals and manages everything.

They will handle booking, stay, laundry, cleaning, and everything else. The idea of Sweetguest has just revolutionized the real estate rental system. The company has been creating a difference in the Italian region since 2006.


Coreview is the next on the list of Italian startups in the SaaS industry. The founders of Coreview started the idea of providing a complete SaaS management system for Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications. The startup has been working in the industry since 2014 and has many satisfied B2b customers to date.

To summarize the idea of Coreview, they are empowering the IT teams by increasing visibility and granular management. Coreview’s team provides IT solutions with better compliance and tighter security.


The next on the list of Italian startups is also one from the financial services industry. Extrabanca is a retail banking company based in Milan. It started in 2012 and is specialized in banking and money transfer.

The idea of Extrabanca was to create social integration around the globe. If you are from any part of the world and land in Italy, you will feel at home with Extrabanca’s consultation. You will find someone to guide you and answer your questions in your own language.


The next name on our list is one of the most successful startups. After its inception in 2014, Supermercato got various startup awards. The team of Supermercato has transformed their startup into a multi-million project and standing among the top Italian startups.

The idea of Supermercato is to make online grocery shopping convenient and easy. They have also undergone partnerships with world players like Samsung and Enel.


Among the B2B startups, Else-Corp is a big name in the Italian startups. The startup offers technological solutions for 3D and AI-based mass customization. The company has earned a reputation as a virtual retail platform and service provider, ensuring an exclusive luxury shopping experience.

Else-corp was incorporated in 2014, and the most common niches they have ventured into include fashion retailing, business model innovation, 3D CAD, virtual commerce, mass customization, and smart manufacturing.


The next startup is again from the traveling and tourism industry. Wanderio was the initiative of some enthusiast entrepreneurs to facilitate the people who are planning holidays or visiting someplace. Finding the service with reasonable fares and ticket prices is one of the most important aspects while planning a tour. Wanderio provides the solution to all hassle of comparing fares and booking flights or trains around 100 countries.


The next startup in our list of Italian startups is software for marketers. Beintoo is a mobile data company that provides solutions for relevant mobile advertising and marketing. The company was founded in 2011, and it has around 200 employees.

The team of UX designers in Beintoo have developed a various effective engagement management system that analyzes mobile data. It also helps to make the mobile experience more fascinating.


Our next Italian startup to watch out for is Tutored, founded in 2014 to facilitate graduates and students for their career counseling. It is a social platform where students and graduates are connected with companies. These companies are in search of aspiring young talent, and the graduates are looking for career opportunities.

And Tutored come in there to help the right talent match with the companies’ requirements. Different companies make announcements for various positions, from internships to entry-level.


A new solution for digital communication along the complex supply chains, this one of the only Telco among the Italian Startups. Bandyer has integrated video communication with modern technology. Hence, it provides seamless and hassle-free communication. The startup was incorporated in 2016, and the small insider team of Bandyer has been satisfying customers then.

Any individual or company can integrate their application and website with Bandyer to communicate without a leap worldwide. It works on both web and mobile.


Iubenda is among the IT Italian startups and serving around 65000 customers worldwide. It is basically a privacy policy generator for websites, Facebook pages, and apps. The startup’s 360 degrees approach has enabled them to integrate law compliance for every customer around the globe.

Major solutions provided by Iubenda includes cookie generator, privacy policy generator, terms and conditions generator, GDPR solutions. Furthermore, the solutions of Iubenda are available in 8 different languages.


Customization is what every one of us loves! And when it comes to marketing, customization is the favorite of marketers. Rebrandly comes in as a marketing and advertising solution that facilitates the way you share information. You can shorten, customize, or manage branded links with the help of the Rebrandly solution.

The startup was incorporated in 2015 and specialized in online branding, link shortener, link retargeting, and link routing.


The next startup in our list of Italian startups is Gamepix that was incorporated in 2013. The startup is a global distributor of HTML5 games. The company is headquartered in Rome and privately held. The startup has succeeded over time and has partnered with tech giants like Facebook, Google, Sony, and many more.

The startup specializes in gaming, Entertainment gaming, HTML5, Unity3D, and Game development.

Leaf Space

The next startup we have found is in the Aviation and Aerospace industry. Leaf Space was incorporated in 2014. The mission of the company is to create satellite telecommunications as-a-service. The main idea is to facilitate clients for managing their satellites’ operation, communication, and consultancy.

The company is headquartered in Lomazzo, and the entrepreneurs believe that space is for everyone, and they are determined to help the small satellites’ owners by providing customized communication solutions, consultancy, and backup.


With everything going online, every business needs an online presence. And what if you want to go online but don’t want to get into ups and downs of programming?

Flazio is a startup that has entered into the internet space and facilitate the users make their own website/ webpage without learning any complicated programming. They offer plug and play type of website building and management.


The next one in Italian startups is a platform to find services ranging from wedding planners to private detectives. The company started in 2015 with only two people, and their network has grown to 100+ people now. They believe in personal integrity and openness. Currently, they are exploring international horizons by expanding their business in Switzerland and Austria.

Life Learning

Edu-tech companies really create a difference in skill induction. Life Learning is among Italian startups in the Edu-tech industry and has been inducing professional training through their platform. They are on a mission of ‘skill induction’ in people to empower them in choosing their professional careers.

The certifications of Life Learning are recognized in 160 countries worldwide, and the mode of training is e-learning. The startup was initiated in 2014, and it is privately held to date.


Casavo is a real-estate startup and has the privilege of being the first ‘instant buyer’ in South Europe. They have simplified the normal house selling process of six to seven months in Italy to instant buying. Furthermore, the automation and considering all factors help to give a fair price of the house and instant transaction.

Casavo enters as a direct buyer for a seller and buys the real estate properties for sale. They started their operations in 2017 and have grown as the largest South European instant buyer.


They are on the mission of saving the environment and endorsing sustainability. Treedom is an Italian startup that has a unique concept of planting a tree online. Every tree planted has a unique web page where the photograph of the tree, location, and information is present.

The startup was initiated in 2010, and by now, they have planted over 1000000 trees in South Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Italy. All the trees are planted by the local farmers.


Last but not least, on the list of Italian startups is an automated marketing platform that manages influencers’ marketing. The company started its operations in 2013, and it has grown as a global marketing solution. With more than 850 international brand partners and agencies, they offer a 360 degrees solution for marketing. Their solution includes real-time measures of KPI, conversion tracking, and a lot more.


The next among Italian startups is an Edtech company that is on the mission of transforming lives and impacting the world positively. Since 2015, the founders of Lifeed are creating solutions for human capital development. They have also won several awards for being innovative and contributing.

Looking deeply into their business, Lifeed is transforming the ways of caregiving activities like parenthood, caregiving. In other words, Lifeed is involved in life transitions by providing an opportunity for personal as well as professional growth.


Carplanner is a Roma based automotive startup that was founded in 2015. This innovative startup is a really exciting thing for car lovers. Moreover, four-wheelers have become a necessity for our modern life routine. And you are getting an economical car as well as a good car, quite a tough deal, right?

Carplanner is an online platform where you can find the best cars either for purchasing or long-term rentals. Sounds cool, right? Furthermore, many top brands also do promotions of their newcomer vehicles on this platform. The best feature of Carplanner is the price comparing feature that allows you to find the best car at the best price.


As a marketer and a technology naïve, it is quite refreshing for me to hear that I can develop apps for my marketing without any coding. Yes, it is actually possible. AppsBuilder is an app-building solution for marketers to create engaging apps to fulfill their marketing needs without any complicated coding.

The idea of AppsBuilder was initiated in 2011, and it provides a comprehensive solution of app management and app integration with your blog, website, or social media sites. As their mission dictates that we are on the mission of bringing app development down from the hands of IT Gods to the common marketers. And undoubtedly, they have succeeded.


Everyone and anyone is ready to give you advice for making your life better or making progress in your career, no matter if their own lives are a disaster. And you shouldn’t give an ear to such advice. What if there is advice about your hard-earned money from someone who is considered the guru of investment management?

It sounds like a good idea, right?

AdviseOnly is an Italian startup in the investment management industry, and the mission of the company is to simplify the process of investing your savings. From suggestions about investing your savings to making investments and learning about investment concepts, the young and enthusiastic team of AdviceOnly is an expert in doing it all.


The last one on our list of Italian startups is Inventia. Inventia is an IT-based startup initiated in 2012. The startup is headquartered in Milano. Let’s talk about business now.

Inventia is in the business of providing customer on-boarding and customer ID verification solutions. They have combined data science, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and machine learning to provide an integrated and comprehensive solution.

To simplify the idea of Inventia, here is an explanation. Certain complex products need proper verification and sensitive information to proceed with sales. Inventia provides the solution to sellers of such products to take their customers on-board and verify their identity before proceeding with transactions.


Other Innovative Startups to Watch in 2021.

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