Infraspeak – Software for Maintenance, Facilities and Innovative Teams 2020

Infraspeak – Software for Maintenance, Facilities and Innovative Teams 2020

I introduce you Infraspeak’s Co-Founders: Felipe Ávila da Costa and Luís Martins.  Infraspeak is a Portuguese Tech Startup on their mission to provide facility management software that speed up and simplify the process of registering and transmission the information.

Infraspeak – Software for Maintenance, Facilities and Innovative Teams.

Why did you create Infraspeak?

We created Infraspeak to fill a gap in the Facility and Maintenance Management market. At the time Infraspeak was created, the alternatives were being developed with a much more complex baseline than simple day-to-day maintenance, like the energy or transport sectors, and we felt there was room for a platform that was much better tailored to the needs of maintenance technicians everywhere.

Infraspeak was built on two main premises: the access to mobile devices and cloud and web-based technology. We can deliver phones directly to technicians and they can work on the field with the instruments they need. We created a software from the bottom up, from the very beginning.

Founders Backstory.

Felipe Ávila da Costa is the CEO and Co-founder of Infraspeak, a maintenance management SaaS company and Co-founder of Founders Founders, a community-driven scale-up incubator. Prior to that, Felipe was responsible for the Technological Center and the Startup Acceleration Program of UPTEC (University of Porto Science and Technology Park), where he supported the start, early development and growth of more than 250 startups and innovation centers.

Deeply involved in the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, Felipe is an experienced mentor and speaker that holds a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Porto and an Executive MBA from Porto Business School. He was recently named one of the “40 business leaders of the Future” in Portugal by FAE.

Luís Martins has been an avid programmer from a very young age and eventually went on to major in Civil Engineering at FEUP (University of Porto’s Faculty of Engineering). He designed the programmes for the finance and civil engineering software that were used to develop Infraspeak and has been involved with the company since the very beginning as Head of Product Development and CTO. In addition to his interests in tech and science, Luis enjoys playing the guitar and achieved his brown belt in Judo as a kid.

What is your vision?

At Infraspeak, we believe simplicity is the ultimate way to improve people’s lives and work. What we do, from our software to the way we work and even our relationships with our customers, must ultimately add value and be a source of good life. Our company culture goes beyond being “just” a set of values; it creates a lifestyle we promote and are aware of every single day.

This is also reflected in our software by making sure that we provide a platform with features, addons and interfaces based on customer feedback and their needs. Our solution is customised to every business, every type and size of team and we constantly adapt our own product to the lives of those working in the field, from managers to technicians.

How do you help your customers and partners?

The secret to our success with our partners and customers ranges from our amazing Customer Success team all the way to how we develop our software. At Infraspeak, we constantly try to make sure our customers get what they’re looking for and that their solution within Infraspeak is perfectly customised to their operations.

We have a modular and flexible software with various addons that allow our customers to pick and choose what they need. That simplicity and flexibility leads to a much better experience on the field which, in turn, increases the amount of data collected and the insights it generates. Infraspeak eases the way into intelligent operations and follows it up by placing enormous of importance on customer feedback.

What makes Infraspeak different?

Our main positioning is to be deeply connected with the maintenance world. More than being a CMMS software, Infraspeak is a service excellence enabler. We research our markets and our industry and we are in touch with what happens in the day-to-day of maintenance managers and technicians to make sure that the product we develop can lead to smarter and more intelligent operations.

Despite having grown substantially in the last few years, Infraspeak remains committed to delivering an experience that makes those who need the it the most, want to use it.

How to get in contact with Infraspeak?

By Infraspeak’s website:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website

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