How Ettorney Is Disrupting Traditional Law Firms In Israel? 2020

How Ettorney Is Disrupting Traditional Law Firms In Israel? 2020

I interviewed Ron Hadar, Founder and CEO at Ettorney. Ettorney located one of the Startup’s nation, Israel, they are on the mission to make legal services accessible for everyone by creating a quick & simple experience that is both transparent and affordable.

How Ettorney Is Disrupting Traditional Law Firms In Israel?

Ettorney’s story.

It all started when I was a first time entrepreneur, a student with 0 capital that landed his first advertising campaign with a big client – Coca Cola. I was asked for a certificate of incorporation of the company in order to receive the funds and supply my services. I searched for an attorney and found one who left me with a horrible experience: he charged a very expensive fee of 4,000 nis and in addition the procedure took 2 weeks and almost blew up the deal with Coca Cola.

Fast forward after graduating from law school and as an attorney in a law firm I was drafting the same documents over and over again wasting time that I could have invested and be focused on complex problem solving for my clients. In the
bottom line, I have personally experienced the pain of legal service bureaucracy and inefficiency of traditional law firms from both sides – As an entrepreneur who built previous companies & as a high tech attorney who worked on delivering legal services.

How do we do it?

Ettorney operates under a hybrid model of a law firm & technology company who eliminates bureaucracy and saving time & money on legal services. As start-up nation’s Legal Tech pioneer, the company offers a variety of online services with full transparency: fixed prices and no hourly rates! for start-up entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals and families.
Our technology includes document automation software, various API connections and CRM systems that not only helps the users and clients get easy access to legal services, but emporews and leveraging the lawyers work behind the scenes as well.

Partners to our vision.

As part of our vision to take the law firms to the 21st century we also have partnerships with leading law firms in Israel who gives access to their entrepreneurs clients to use the platform specially for the procedures of company incorporation and dissolution, two bureaucratic procedures with the register of companies. Law firms like Yigal Arnon, Shibolet, Lipa Meir, Nachitz Brandes Amir, Amit Polak Matalon and more.

Ron Hadar founder quotes: “The legal industry in the world hasn’t changed in 100 years”.

Ettorney is disrupting these dinosaur industry by giving access to legal services with technology and a philosophy that the client is in the center and by fulfilling his needs: transparency, fixed prices and easy and fast service. We believe that everyone needs to be able to get legal services as a basic consumer product and with our hybrid model of a law firm and technology company we are able to provide an A-Z solution to our clients. We are growing 100% in revenue YOY and planning to add more services for SMB’s, startups and individuals.

How to get in contact with Ettorney?

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