Hermitage Solutions European VAD of Cybersecurity Solutions 2019

Hermitage Solutions European VAD of Cybersecurity Solutions 2019

Today we bring one of the best European VAD of Cybersecurity Solutions. Hermitage Solutions  have been introducing new cybersecurity solutions successfully since 1996 and we are very happy to include Hermitage Solutions in our Global Cybersecurity Distributors Directory of Innovative and Visionary VADs.

Hermitage Solutions Value-Added Distribution of Cybersecurity Solutions

Hermitage Solutions is a leading value-added distributor (VAD) that provides market-recognized cybersecurity solutions to SMBs and enterprise organizations.

Established in France back in 1996, Hermitage Solutions has developed into an international VAD of cybersecurity technologies with a single mission: help organizations safeguard digital assets from external and internal threats as well as ensure their compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

By combining in-depth specialization, top-notch technologies and a commitment to lifelong learning, Hermitage Solutions has been able to live up its promise and serve the market as a one-stop shop for cybersecurity solutions to their channel partners.

Today the company has already enabled over 8,000 organizations to protect themselves against cyber-threats, assisted over 1,000 partners in increasing business value and helped over 40 vendors to deepen and widen their presence in the respective markets.

Hermitage Solutions is currently serving the following markets: France, Benelux, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Hermitage Solutions: true value added to vendors, partners and customers

Hermitage Solutions supports the entire cyber ecosystem – from finding world-class technologies and strengthening the channel, to helping managed-service providers and value-added resellers deliver the best offerings to generate more value.

Hermitage Solutions business model uniquely caters to its vendors, channel and end customers:

  • To the vendors by helping to extend their reach on the ground with comprehensive and expert sales, technical pre-sales and marketing teams, in addition to standard VAD capabilities;
  • To the channel partners by working closely to provide the most suitable end-to-end services, training and enablement programs that grow partners’ expertise in complex cybersecurity technologies;

To the customers (end-users) by offering customized solutions and going the extra mile to ensure that the businesses empowered to succeed in cyber battle.

Customer-centric portfolio of advanced cybersecurity solutions

Hermitage Solutions represents the portfolio of cybersecurity solutions designed with its customer’s business goals in mind. Therefore, while looking for emerging technologies to enhance the portfolio, the company constantly seeks to add more value – administrative simplicity, optimal performance, affordability, in addition to the greatest level of security.

For two decades Hermitage Solutions has been helping organizations protect their digital worlds in essential security domains:

  • Network (IT and OT)
  • User
  • Data
  • Compliance
  • Cloud/Virtualization


The current company portfolio enriched with well-designed solutions to serve organizations of any size in any industry – finance, logistic, health, government, banking, etc.

Hermitage Solutions

Hermitage Solutions team continuously enhance their tool kit by adding the industry’s dominant, Gartner recognized or niche vendors to their portfolio and acquiring new knowledge about the evolving cybersecurity market.

With Hermitage Solutions companies gain a trusted advisor that brings together world-class cybersecurity solutions that provide secure IT infrastructure, help to reduce risks and increase efficiency.

You can find their

How to get in contact with Hermitage Solutions?

You can contact Hermitage Solutions by its web: Hermitage Solutions

By email and telephone:

E-mail: info@hermitagesolutions.com | info@hermitage.lt

Tel: +33 (0) 1 84 16 65 21 | +370 5 230 6258

Or by its Social Networks:

Or go to meet Hermitage Solutions on their next events

Hermitage Solutions will participate in DSS-ITSEC in Riga, Latvia


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