Genomtec: Smartphone-sized Genetic Lab

Genomtec: Smartphone-sized Genetic Lab

I have interviewed, Miron Tokarski CEO at Genomtec, a polish Health Tech Startup with the first technology in the world based on the gold standards of molecular diagnostics.

Genomtec: Smartphone-sized Genetic Lab.

Genomtec’s pocket-sized lab made in Poland.

A professional mobile lab, one that fits in your pocket, is being created in Poland by
Genomtec. The company is working on innovative devices which identify pathogens including
various forms of bacteria, fungal viruses and genetic mutations. This portable lab, developed by the
Wroclaw-based company, is the ticket to quicker and cheaper diagnostics.

Scientists from the Polish company have been working on making mobile, molecular
diagnostics available to a large group of users since 2016. No such devices are currently available on
the market, which is why Genomtec is currently patenting a range of solutions currently being
developed for the prototype of their diagnostic device – Genomtec ID. The company’s mission is to
enable specialists to make the right decision faster – when health and human lives are at stake.

Miron Tokarski, a 29-year-old PhD student at Wroclaw Medical University and the Co-Founder and CEO
of Genomtec has studied under the guidance of mentor, prof. Tadeusz Dobosz, MD, PhD, and
developed skills in cellular and forensic medicine.
Miron says — Innovative research methods aren’t just my scientific field of study, they are my passion.

CSI made in Poland.

In a molecular lab, under the tutelage of prof. Dobosz, Miron Tokarski examined the underlying
processes behind cells in the circulatory system repairing themselves following hypoxia. He validated
techniques which allow for the identification of a crime scene based on genetic analysis of plant-based
substances as evidence. At the same time he was also interning at the Molecular Biology Department
of University Hospital in Wroclaw.

— During my internship I encountered a situation which was completely beyond my comprehension –
several doctors would phone our lab requesting expedited tests for their patients. Genetic tests
conducted using the traditional Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method wil not give results for least
5-6 hours. This time delay could be critical for a sick child. Additionally, the labs that do those kinds of
tests are usually closed on weekends. That’s something I just can’t accept. I decided to act and,
together with my team, began working to change the faulty standards which currently exist. That’s
how the idea for Genomtec and – a revolution in the way testing is done – was born – explains the
scientist from Wroclaw who has already authored four patents related to innovative diagnostic

It will be faster, cheaper.

Thanks to the technology developed by this company, the waiting time for detailed test results has
decreased to as little as 15 minutes. This is while offering less-expensive equipment than that of the
competition and test costs that are lower than market average. Currently available solutions in the
field of molecular diagnostics require users to learn not only how to use the diagnostic equipment but
also how to properly prepare the sample. Genomtec ID stands apart from this – combining mobility
with an easy-to-perform test that’s so intuitive anyone can do it – without spending time getting ready
for it first.

— We keep getting closer to achieving our goal – diagnosing things like Lyme disease, meningitis or
staphylococcus aureus will be soon be possible in 15 to 30 minutes instead of long hours or days of
waiting – says Miron Tokarski.

The idea behind the pocket-sized Genomtec solution is based on amplifying and detecting specific
fragments of DNA and RNA – that’s the so-called “gold standard” of molecular diagnostics.

The boom is on!

Over the past few months Genomtec has been developing rapidly. The company concluded a round
of financing which achieved alomost 750k Euro. Among the first to show faith in this innovative
solution were renowned investors from Poland including Leonarto VC and Vet Planet – which
specializes in the industry. Among those who also recently invested the company are the CEO of
Poland’s largest network of medical labs and a person working in the private healthcare industry. The
diagnostic technology allows for the performance an extensive range of tests and delivers the results

– Concluding this round of financing give us the opportunity to finish work on the mobile molecular
diagnostics system. By the end of the third quarter of next year the beta version of Genomtec ID will
be ready. After that our technology will begin entering into a series of comparative tests – says Miron

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) has also played its part in the rapid
development of the Genomtec ID device. The Wroclaw-based company has received over 2 million
Euro in financing from that institutions flagship program – “Fast Track” the funds for which come from
a division of the EU’s Operational Program Smart Growth. The program is scheduled to run for 47
months. This kind of – financially accessible and mobile – solution is something we’ve never seen
before. Standard lab tests are commonplace – but no one has created a method that’s quick and takes
place outside the lab.

– We believe in the Genomtec team, they’ve got a unique solution. The company has based its
technology on a self-developed detection method SNAAT™ (Streamlined Nucleic Acid Amplification
Technology) and is radically transforming the world of lab-based diagnostics – underlines Tomasz
Stefańczyk, one of the company’s investors and the Chairman of the Genomtec’s Supervisory Board.

How to get in contact with Genomtec?

By its website: www:

You can reach also via social media:

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