Galaxkey – Data Security For Personal And Business Use 2020

Galaxkey – Data Security For Personal And Business Use 2020

I interviewed Randhir Shinde, CEO & Co-Founder at Galaxkey- Data Security For Personal And Business Use. Galaxkey is a British Cybersecurity Company, leader in Cloud, Email and content Security solutions.

Galaxkey – Data Security For Personal And Business Use

Galaxkey’s Story

The background of the problem.

It was one summer afternoon in 2010 I met with my co-founder Ricky Magalhaes in a café in London. I was introduced to Ricky by Andy Bryars a close friend of mine. When I met Ricky, he was quite frustrated at that time as he was implementing PGP for the Welch NHS. He explained to me how difficult it was to roll out PGP which is an encryption platform and after doing all the hard work, the users find it very difficult to use it as its very cumbersome.

We both quickly realised that there was a potential problem here. It has been two decades since there were many encryption platforms in the marketplace, but the adoption was very low. The main reason for the low adoption was due to a simple fact – encryption requires mathematical keys to encrypt data. The process of managing keys and at the same time making the usability simple was clearly missing. Hence companies were finding it very difficult to embrace encryption to secure their communications.

We both decided to jump into a research where we find a solution to this problem. Our aim was “Develop a platform that provides the highest level of encryption with the simplest usability interface”. We wanted to take the pain out completely. During the same time the issue of Edward Snowden cropped up which re-assured our commitment to this research.

The beginning of Galaxkey.

From 2010 to early 2014, we embarked on a remarkable journey of make and break. We build multiple models and kept breaking them. Finally, in 2014, we got a breakthrough. We build out most secure platform with three layers of encryption and with absolutely zero back doors. It was revolutionary. We did initial tests with some friendly customers and got a working model in place.

In 2015 and 2016, we created the application clients to allow users to encrypt and secure emails and files on Windows (Outlook), iOS, Android, MAC OSX and also over a web interface.

In 2017 we got some early adopters like Dubai Airports Authority, Bradford City Council and the UCL in London. We raised a seed capital £2M in 2018 and embarked on a development and compliance journey. Recently we have completely built the Galaxkey Workspace platform for Secure File Sharing and Collaboration. We also got Sir George Zambellas who was the First Sea Lord of the UK Navy on our board as our Chairman.

Galaxkey is currently raising our next round of seed funding to invest in marketing and sales and to expand globally.

What is our Vision?

To create the strongest encryption platform that gives complete control of encryption in the hands of the users with a simple user interface and ubiquitous across all platforms.

How does Galaxkey help to its customers and partners?

Based on our powerful encryption platform: Galaxkey helps its customers do three things.

We Secure Emails.

Simple to use email encryption to protect and control entire emails: message, attachments and files with robust security features.

We Secure Documents.

Protects files when sharing, at rest and in storage, irrespective of type and size. Letting you safeguard your confidential data in a compliant way.

We provide Secure Collaboration.

Share and collaborate securely with teams of internal and external users. Your data is always protected and under your control.

What makes Galaxkey different?

There are six points that give Galaxkey a differentiator to our competitors

  1. Usability – Galaxkey provides a simple user experience to allow end-users to secure emails and documents without the need to exchange multiple keys and passwords.
  2. Ubiquitous – The Galaxkey product provides encryption for emails as well as files with the same product across multiple platforms. The same encryption platform is used for Galaxkey Workspace.
  3. Compliance – Utilising Galaxkey’s full set of features helps companies remain compliant. Data is controlled, referenced, timed, and fully auditable ticking boxes for GDPR and other international data requirements.
  4. Key Management – Galaxkey is the only platform which lets you have complete control of the encryption keys. There are no backdoors.
  5. No passwords stored – The Galaxkey platform designed so that we do not store any passwords in any format. So, users have complete control of their keys and their data.
  6. Three layered encryption – The encryption model of Galaxkey based on FIPS 140-2 three-layered onion model, making it practically impossible to access the encrypted data without proper access rights and authentication.

How to get in contact with Galaxkey? 

By Galaxkey’s website:

You can find more information at Galaxkey’s website:

By Galaxkey’s email and phone:


Phone: +443331506660

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