Fitqbe – Keep Your Employees Longer 2020

Fitqbe – Keep Your Employees Longer 2020

I introduce you Fitqbe, a polish Tech Startup platform designed to improve employee commitment. It integrates employees through great fun and healthy competition. An innovative and powerful tool to boost your Employer Branding and CSR plans.

Fitqbe – Keep Your Employees Longer.

Why did you create Fitqbe?

The founders have been in the HR industry for many years, mainly through working for the biggest polish job board company,, which cooperates with the vast majority of companies in Poland. Most of them used to face the same Challenges:

  1. The disengaged workforce which results in a surge of sick leaves and staff turnover.
  2. Most employers didn’t have the means to attract and retain employees besides a few simple benefits.

Besides these previous reasons, the founders have a deep passion for a healthy lifestyle during their tenure at Tomasz Chacinski, CEO – Co-Founder,  ran an internal blog initiative that was meant to connect people and make it easier for them to share their interests and integrate.

That is how Fitqbe’s motto was formulated: We want to help employers keep talents for longer supporting workplace wellbeing, education and encouraging healthy choices.

 Co-Founders personal story.

The story is about 3 people who meet online. I mean literally online. Fitqbe’s co-founders met on Skype when Tomasz graduated from one of the polish startup accelerators. Tomek posted a job opening on Facebook and a few days later met Krystian Krzywda (CIO & Co-Founder) and Mateusz Błaszczyk (CTO & Co-Founder), two IT graduates and best friends from their kinder garden down to college time.

After this, they went through the first offline meeting, where Tomasz described them as a general idea of building an HR platform for healthy company culture. Mateusz and Krystian were working for a different company when Tomasz tried to persuade them to start working with him. In the end Mateusz and Krystian left their job and without any investment, they started to build Fitqbe from scratch.

What is your vision?

We’d like to become a one-stop well being & culture solution for companies. We’d like to help companies to build their company culture, improve workplaces for good into more healthy and engaged where people participate not merely to finance their life but to work with passion and dedication.

Our software is for employers and employees – we remember how it was to be an employee and what we needed to feel good in our workplace, that’s why we want to be a place where feel-good, appreciated and equal, an app who will be their personal guide, build your motivations and a place where they can spend their budgets, gained points and use by the app every available in their company benefits.

How do you help your customers and partners?

We help employers engage, retain, motivate and reward talents by delivering an all-in-one employee wellbeing platform that combines gaming and social networking with a multifunctional benefit marketplace. We target HR managers – they receive an easy-to-use tool to drive smart HR decisions based on data, employee engagement and newest trends.

What makes Fitqbe different?

We are a horizontal platform based on wellbeing managed from different angles. We also provide integrated user profiles that keep employees informed about their health and overall mental state.

How to get in contact with Fitqbe?

By its website:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website

By its Social Networks:


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Javier Nieto León

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