EAgronom Is Disrupting The Current State Of Agritech.

EAgronom Is Disrupting The Current State Of Agritech.

A Estonian startup EAgronom is disrupting the current  state of Agritech.  I interviewed to the CEO and Co-founder from EAgronom, Robin Saluoks.

Why did you create EAgronom?

The story starts with Robin Saluoks and his personal experience.

I was working in my father’s farm – we had 10 excel tables and some old software. I thought there must be some better way. I went through over 30 different ERP solutions for farmers and none of them was good for cereal farmers. Many of them was generally for farmers and therefore lacked needed features for cereal farmers. Some of them had good agronomical side, but very weak financial side.

Anyways, I didn’t find good solution, but I had studied IT in university for 1 year so I started developing tool myself.

I made it for my father at first and other farmers liked it as well. So I called to my friend Stenver Jerkku – VP of Estonian Start-up Leaders Club – and together we decided to start with eAgronom.

Founder personal story

Experienced entrepeneur with IT and agriculture skills. He left professional football at age of 17 to start a company which got the European best student company title, currently biggest hobby group provider for children in Estonia with over 50 employees.

Robin left the CEO position to study computer science. After one year of university, he started full-time work on his father’s farm.

Personal frustration with the current state of software in farming.

Frustrated with the current state of software in farming, he started developing a tool for himself to manage farm activities and financials.

This sparked interest among other farmers and Robin called his friend Stenver to start eAgronom. Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Estonia 2018 and AmCham Youth Entrepreneurship Award 2019.

What is your vision?

Save the world by helping farmers to be more profitable.

Almost 2% of EU grain land is managed by our ERP. This gave us a lot of data and the message from there is very clear – most profitable way of farming is also the best way for the environment.

Farmers don’t have dilemma of being profitable or environmentally friendly – activities that improve environment are the ones that help them to earn most money as well. For example, by following right practices farmers can “harvest” CO2 from the air and turn it into soil organic matter.

By following bad practices farmers can let their soil organic carbon into air. Now farmers who have more organic carbon in the air will have smaller fertilizer cost, smaller crop protection cost and smaller weather related risks —> bigger profits.

Our goal is to reach 100 million hectares during next 5-7 years and save these farmers 10 billion every year. This means that all of these farmers will “harvest” 1 ton of CO2 per hectare every year and turn it into soil.

How do you help to your customers and partners?

Our ERP users have all information in one place and they instantly get to know financial and legal consequences of their agronomical decisions. For example if farmer decides to put 10% more fertilizer, then instantly he sees how does it influence his net cost or if it is legal to put that much fertilizer. Once all plans are made, farmers use eAgronom to communicate internally – they give orders to their employees and employees give context via mobile app about progress of their tasks.

AI to get better financial results.

Our AI Agronomist users get better financial results even more directly. We use data from ERP to give suggestions for AI Agronomist customers – what crops to grow, what fertilizers to buy, etc.

“We believe that if all EU cereal farmers would use our AI Agronomist, then we could save them 6 billion euros each year.” claims Robin Saluoks, CEO & Founder at Eagronom.

What makes EAgronom different?

We are the only company who has paying customers for AI agronomical advice in cereal farming. There are many ERP products for farmers, but big hectare base, 95% yearly incense renewals and good activity let us to build AI system that farmers pay 4,000 euros or more yearly – 10 €/ha.

How to get in contact with EAgronom?

You can contact EAgronom by its web: https://eagronom.com/en/

By email and telephone:

International contact: marta@eagronom.com  tel. +371 66 163 395

Or by its Social Networks:


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