Discover DGROOPS – Innovating Travel Group Bookings 2020

Discover DGROOPS – Innovating Travel Group Bookings 2020

I interviewed Angelinas Dimitri, CEO & CO-Founder at DGROOPS. DGROOPS is the fastest and most effective online software to collaborate in B2B sector for group bookings: Innovating Travel Group Bookings. They aim to be the first B2B platform to streamline the relationship between Tour Operators and all possible suppliers for group organized travel.

Why did you create DGROOPS?

With over 26 years of experience in the Travel Industry, you experience and face common issues not solved yet. These are the Issues for Tour Operators & Hotels:

  • Hard to find trusted partners.
  • Too many mails (leading to a high risk of errors).
  • Issues for Tour Operators to find available hotels/buses/guides etc for his groups (and hotels to push their availability).
  • Difficulties for Tour Operators & Hotels to open new markets.
  • Too many options – deadlines – payments to remember.
  • Hard for a Tour Operator to sell his product (expensive catalogs & big number of selling stuff).
  • Difficulties in communication between partners & providers (each information need to pass from one partner to the other as a chain).

Founder personal story.

I am thinking about my professional life/work when I first started, the communication with telex-fax & calls. How hard it was everything even before the mobile phones take place. How hard was to organize a trip to another destination.

I know that was a revolution in the industry, before them Hotels were slaves of the Tour Operators (if the TO. wanted to promote the Hotel, the hotel had clients if not, it was staying empty & TOs were keeping the majority of the income. I remember in high seasons Hotels were hanging out of their door “FULLY BOOKED” & for travel agents & tourists it was so hard to find rooms.

But digitalization made it all simple. With hotels finally had their own marketplace & can be scanned easily when they have availability. Also, they have a rating in order to have proof of traction of quality.

Due to the complexity of our industry and as an owner of a medium Tour Operator, I was searching for a tool / platform that would help me to solve with at least one of the basic issues I had (group all my mails with the ones of my partners for a specific group, find available providers like Hotels/Guides/buses etc in high season) .
Some really big TO they have built a platform for their own network but definitely my network of partners is different from a request to request and I could not invest in something that could work only partially.

What was the trigger to launch DGROOPS?

On April 7, 2017, before the Orthodox Easter, we had a charter to Venice & 2 charters to Sicily. As a Tour Operator, I had faced all possible issues (almost impossible to find available hotels in Palermo – Mestre, hundreds of emails with rooming list updates, last moment changes, missed payments etc).

From this moment I was thinking of a way to solve my problems, but at this moment I thought of the problems that I was causing to my partners/providers with all this inefficiency in communication and then I had an idea. Thus, I decided to make a platform that fits everybody needs. This is DGROOPS. A direct way of communication amount all partners and providers in order to make our lives easier.

DGROOPS provides to all partners a back-office modulated that connects all partners-providers-sellers-clients for each group. It is also a tool that helps companies to scale up. In our vision a Tour Operator can find providers (hotels-guides-buses ECC) in seconds, negotiate with them directly & create a trip in some hours (instead of days or weeks). No need to remember deadlines-options-payments ECC. DGROOPS is doing everything for you.

You can have all the info in front of him in max 3″ and make all partners/providers feel like they work in the same office (whenever and whoever inserts information or a new information/reservation). DGROOPS will pass the info to all the partners that need to have it.

How does DGROOPS help to your customer and partners?

Our vision is to create a daily usage platform where all professionals of the Group Industry meet & connect in order to cooperate together.

A safe environment where only the participation in the platform will be a guarantee of trust. This is why DGROOPS works as a facilitator of your business. It isn’t an Online Tour Operator. DGROOPS doesn’t sell or buy anything. We wanted to make it as affordable as it can be. Our clients pay only a small annual fee and they have benefited from DGROOPS from the first moment.

Providers like Hotels/buses/guides ECC, they benefit only if they will have requests from the platform. This is why we want providers to pay ONLY when they have a completed request with a tiny commission that it will never influence the net price.

What makes DGROOPS different?

The main difference between DGROOPS and the rest of the industry is our approach to the problem. In a period when everybody is looking at how to scale up & become stronger and solid, we want this for our subscribers. We were also named as the Robin Hood of the industry. We provide partners & providers with an amazing tool that probably they could never afford almost for free & we help them to make their business better & easier.

How to get in contact with DGROOPS? 

By its website:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website

By its Social Networks:

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