Deliverect – Easily Manage Your Online Food Delivery Channels

Deliverect – Easily Manage Your Online Food Delivery Channels

A Belgium Startup Deliverect, Easily Manage Your Online Food Delivery Channels, it connects online food ordering players like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Glovo with your restaurant POS. Seamlessly manage your online food delivery channels.

I interviewed the CEO and Co-founders from Deliverect, Zhong Yuan Xu, Jan Hollez and Jelte Vrijhoef.

Why did you create Deliverect?

“We wanted to solve the issue that many restaurant owners face in the era of online food delivery platforms”- Co-Founders at Deliverect.

Context of the new phenomenon of food ordering.

The online food ordering phenomenon is relatively new. In some countries, several food ordering players have sprung up like mushrooms in recent years. The result is that hospitality entrepreneurs are now more or less forced to work with a range of delivery platforms in order to stay in the game.

This transition in the hospitality industry is comparable to the e-commerce boom in the retail landscape. Just like online clothes shopping, food delivery has seen a relatively slow rise in our country. No hospitality entrepreneur ever thought that sooner or later, consumers would order food via the website or their smartphone. But today, every restaurant manager knows they have to jump on the bandwagon – because in the hospitality sector, online orders now represent 30% of sales.

However, adding delivery platforms to the restaurant equation creates a lot of chaos. Having to manage multiple delivery platform ordering tablets, handling the orders, managing the online menus… That is why Deliverect links incoming orders from different channels directly to the cash register and the back office of the restaurant. 

Founder personal story

In 2012, Founders Zhong Yuan Xu and Jan Hollez started their first company, named POSIOS, together. Later, the company merged with Lightspeed and from there on the company grew globally. It’s their experience at Lightspeed that gave Jan & Zhong insight into the struggle of so many restaurateurs today – managing multiple online delivery channels. In 2018, they founded Deliverect, together with Jelte Vrijhoef, to solve this recurring issue in the hospitality industry.

What is your vision?

Our vision is all about connecting the restaurant with their customers: we are here to help restaurants achieve this objective. Our products make their life easier so they can spend less time focusing on systems and more on what they love doing. That philosophy runs throughout everything that we do.

How do you help your customers and partners?

We help our customers by automating the online delivery management process. We eliminate a lot of steps in the process of registering and managing online deliveries. With Deliverect, online orders are processed directly in the restaurant’s POS, and they can be managed from one place. It’s not necessary to rekey orders to obtain a receipt for the customer, so workload and human errors are reduced. Adding additional delivery platforms is effortless and moreover increases visibility and sales.

Not only does Deliverect help bring peace to the front of the restaurant, it also benefits the back of house. Restaurants using Deliverect can change their online menus on different platforms using only one interface. When they edit their menu from their Deliverect account, they can push these live to the delivery platforms, immediately implementing changes. The software also helps restaurant owners keep track of online orders, manage stock, and provide real-time reports of online sales. Eventually this results in cost-efficiency and increase in sales. 

We help our POS partners by integrating them with multiple delivery platforms all at. We are the gateway between POS systems and delivery partners. We know the integration is a complex thing to do but with our expertise, partners know the integration will be done correctly. 

What makes Deliverect different?

We work closely together with our customers and delivery / pos partners. It’s through their feedback that we add on new features. We want to make the product as user friendly as possible and the best way to do this is by listening to our customers. We communicate with customers on a daily basis and they tell us what they need. Taking their feedback into consideration makes Deliverect such a strong and desirable product. 

Apart from the customers, we also get many requests from POS and delivery partners to collaborate. We only create strong partnerships or no partnership at all. This means that, opposed to other solutions comparable to ours, we don’t scrape information from delivery partners. Instead, we work with an open API and believe in strong communication between our partners. Because we aggregate multiple delivery platforms with multiple POS systems, we are a strategic partner for them. We are the bridge between both parties. 

How to get in contact with Deliverect?

You can contact Deliverect by its web:


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