Cortex: AI And Machine Learning For Social Media 2021

Cortex: AI And Machine Learning For Social Media 2021

I interviewed to the CEO and CO-Founder from Cortex, AI and Machine Learning For Social Media, Brennan White. Cortex is a Marketing Tech Startup committed to help content marketers to make creative decisions by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Why did you create Cortex?

Cortex was founded to help marketers more effectively engage their audiences and convert them into customers by using data to create, distribute, and scale customer-driven visual content.

Brennan’s focus at his last company was to hire the team and demo the software solutions for his agency’s marketers to ensure they were on the cutting edge and could continue to win awards and break records for their clients.

He noticed a mounting problem being brought up by his team – the ability to plan, produce, and distribute creative at scale. Moreover, none of the vendors seemed to be focusing on solving that problem. The best solutions available were only treating symptoms and focusing on shaving seconds of time off his team’s workload. He wanted something that used machine learning to completely change the way creative decisions were made.

That technology was not being made at other companies, so Brennan and the original team founded Cortex to build that future.

Founder personal story.

Brennan White is the co-founder and CEO of Cortex. He founded Cortex while at his last startup, Pandemic Labs (a mutli-year Inc 5000 marketing agency) to solve the challenges he was seeing in marketing for global brands.

Brennan was a 2005 graduate of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY where he studied music and captained the Men’s Rugby Team.

After college, Brennan was a sales leader for SaaS companies around Boston before founding Pandemic Labs in 2007.

What is your vision?

Discovering and engaging with content on the internet has been primarily been based on text, and as a result, digital marketers have focused on text as a way to understand and optimize content for their audience’s tastes. We’re building to tools to help marketers understand, create, optimize, and scale customer-driven visual content to their audience.

By bringing data to the creative process, we not only help marketers make the content that their audience loves, but we also help marketers be more confident in their creative choices and give them more creative freedom to connect with the customer.

We believe that giving creatives the tools to understand and stay as close as possible to the customer’s tastes, and have unbiased conversations with their team about what their audience really wants, creative teams can spend more time creating and less time debating opinions.

How do you help to your customers and partners?

Cortex is a visual content intelligence platform, powered by AI, which helps marketers create and deploy customer-driven content that inspires their audience to action.

Invented to help content marketers make creative decisions at scale, a capability that is critical in any organization where marketing teams produce and distribute content across multiple channels at a breakneck pace. Cortex takes the guesswork out of knowing which photos, videos, and text will drive consumers to react, engage, and purchase, while pinpointing exactly what to publish, when, and where.

What makes Cortex different?

Using a mix of predictive analytics, content optimization and marketing automation, Cortex tracks the creative performance of over 40,000 brands over the last 5 years and surfaces insights specific to any given brand’s audience.

With this information brands and creative agencies can reliably create high performing creative, and ensure it is distributed to the right audience at the right time. By moving to this data-driven content operations framework, marketers are able to produce provably high ROI content in a fraction of the time and know they are creating the content their audience loves.

How to get in contact with Cortex? Including Social Networks.

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