9+ Best Breast Cancer Startups 2021

9+ Best Breast Cancer Startups 2021

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women, worldwide. Statistical data suggests the potential risk of cancer is 1 in every 8 women, just in the U.S. However, this type of cancer incidence rate varies from country to country. Genetic history and family history are also two very important factors that influence this cancer rate.

9+ Best Breast Cancer Startups 2021

In this technologically driven era, a lot of breast cancer startups are making waves in the healthcare industry by pioneering novel diagnosis and treatment methods to help fight against breast cancer. Here are some honorable mentions of such companies offering out-of-the-box treatments, diagnostic tools, and prevention methods.

BioNTech SE

BioNtech SE understands the diversity in cancer manifestation and the progression of cancer in individuals. To effectively combat the disease, they offer a plethora of patient-specific immunotherapies through their IVAC® platform. The biotechnology company has designed the proprietary BNT114 mRNA to activate an immune response to specific antigens released from triple-negative breast cancer tumors.

Location: BioNTech, Mainz, Germany

Website: https://biontech.de/

Epic Sciences

This company is striving to offer cancer diagnostics at a whole new level. Epic sciences have two ongoing programs for early detection of Advance metastatic breast cancer and early-stage breast cancer. They are re-inventing what most breast cancer startups try to achieve. With just a single blood draw, genetic and cellular changes occurring throughout cancer can be evaluated. Their platform can even detect rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) to help analyze the stage and severity of this type of cancer at a molecular level.

Location: Epic Sciences corporate headquarters, San Diego, California, USA.

Website: https://www.epicsciences.com/

Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

We all know cancer can thrive in our body by fooling our immune system, especially our T-cells. The tumors utilize receptors known as checkpoints to identify themselves as benign tissue. The breast cancer startup uses novel immunotherapies and checkpoint inhibitors to stop immune system suppression. The latest project in their pipeline is an intravenously delivered immuno-oncolytic virus (IOV) that helps fight cancer with its two unique components, specific tumor lysis and activation of innate as well as adaptive immunity. Programs for metastatic breast cancer and early-stage breast cancer are well under their way to phase 2 of clinical studies.

Locations: Oncolytics BioTech Head office

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • San Diego, California, USA

Website: https://www.oncolyticsbiotech.com/

Paige Diagnostics

This diagnostics company is transforming cancer evaluation by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology that helps provide the much-needed disease insight to pathologists and researchers. Paige offers its services to healthcare providers and startups I.e. Breast cancer startups to aid in problems such as drug development strategies, selecting the best diagnostic tools, and even offer automated pathology analysis for clinical trials.

Location: Paige, New York, USA.

Website: https://paige.ai/contact

Anixa biosciences

This biotech company is thriving in their novel research programs, diagnostics as well as therapeutics because they aim to efficiently diagnose, treat, prevent cancer and other infectious diseases. They have collaborated with one of the finest healthcare providers in the U.S, The Cleveland Clinic and developed a vaccine for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)

Location: Anixa Biosciences inc. San Jose, CA, USA.

Website: https://www.anixa.com/


A revolutionary breast cancer startup that is pursuing to develop a new standard of mammography image analysis and breast health examination. CureMetrix is breaking barriers by incorporating AI to develop high precision tools for mammography, delivering data-backed answers to radiologists for perfect screening, prognosis, and treatment. Their cmTriage™ is an FDA approved platform offering its diagnostic services to radiologists worldwide.

Location: CureMetrix Global Headquarters La Jolla, California.

Website: https://curemetrix.com/


This breast cancer startup is the spin-out company of two renowned education institutes, the University of Houston and the University College London (UCL).

Endomag has excelled at providing effective diagnostic capabilities to avoid unnecessary surgery in breast cancer patients. Their exclusive technologies, Magtrace® lymphatic mapping agent that tells physicians the nearest lymph node where cancer is most likely present, a Magseed® marker that pin-points the tumor area and a Sentimag® probe which detects the magnetic marker and the tracer with precision. Their products are being used around the globe by healthcare providers and patients alike.


  • UK Headquarters Endomagnetics Ltd Cambridge,
  • US Headquarters Endomagnetics, Inc. Austin, Texas, USA

Website: https://www.endomag.com/

Biocad pharmaceuticals

Biocad pharma is a world-class company that integrates the latest research methodologies and development with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This startup but has made waves with its product Herticad® (trastuzumab). This IGg monoclonal antibody has passed its phase 3 of clinical trials and has proven to stop the proliferation of rouge HER2 cancer cells.


  • Biocad Russia HQ Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Biocad Russia Skolkovo Technopark Moscow, Russia

Website: https://biocadglobal.com/

Kheiron Medical

This healthcare company is pioneering early breast cancer detection by combining deep learning capabilities with radiologist expertise to screen, detect cancer, and increase patient outcomes drastically. Unlike the other type of cancer startups providing solutions for just a specific type of cancer, Kherion Meical’s diagnostic platform Mia™ has gained significant recognition as the Best AI Product In Health at the CogX 2019 Innovation Awards and AuntMinnie Europe Awards 2019 for the Best new radiology software till date.


  • Kherion Medical London (Headquarters), UK
  • Kherion Medical, USA

Website: https://www.kheironmed.com/

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