Bloomio: The Platform to Redesign the Venture Capital Industry for Startups 2020

Bloomio: The Platform to Redesign the Venture Capital Industry for Startups 2020

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Bloomio: The Platform to Redesign the Venture Capital Industry for Startups

Discovering Bloomio.

Bloomio is a Swiss based digital investment platform, allowing retail investors to tap into investment opportunities, traditionally only limited to VCs and angel investors.

Bloomio was funded in July 2017 to allow easy access for all investors (from $50) to alternative assets trading and liquid exit from traditionally illiquid financial products; in less than two years, the project has become a cutting-edge startup with a team of 17 employees, 2 board advisors and 3 operational entities.

The company has successfully completed 3 funding rounds, for a total capital raised of 2.2 M CHF.

The founders.

  • Max Lyadvinsky, A successful entrepreneur and angel investor with expertise in fundraising and scaling startup teams, envisioning future technology trends, developing product strategies and innovating disruptive technologies.
  • Alexey Raevsky, CTO, A reputable cybersecurity and blockchain expert with numerous achievements in information security and antidebugging products’ development and practical experience in starting an information technology business from scratch and developing it into a successful global company Zecurion.
  • Mark Shmulevich, Co-Founder with executive experience across various industries, from space technologies to IT. Mark’s most recent executive roles are with Taiger (AI) and Acronis (data protection). Mark is Vice-Chair of Digital Transformation Committee at SGTech, the leading Singapore’s technology business federation.

After connecting at the Executive IMD MBA program, two of the original founders, Max and Alexey, saw room for disruption within the traditional VC model. The third founder, Mark, shared the same vision and Bloomio was born.

Many fintech companies are though, founded and developed by engineers. In Bloomio we are proud to have a variety of backgrounds that goes from IT to Banking. We believe that this mix of experience is crucial to deliver the highest financial and security standards as well as the most reliable customer experience

How does Bloomio works?

To raise funds on Bloomio a startups must undergo a scoring process by an industry panel of experts. Unlike other industry players, Bloomio implements a 3rd party assessment to offer the most unbiased valuation of listed startups.

Through crowdfunding, startups are more easily able to connect with the investors they need to attract, while individual investors and VC funds are able to work with a vetted network of projected high growth startups through the secure platform.

Why another crowdfunding portal and the advantage for investors?

The existing equity crowdfunding offer showed the interest of individual investors for tapping into the venture capital space, but current players are still not able to deliver on what customers want. We conducted a study with IMD Business school to understand the “pain points” of retail investors and we developed solutions for each of these.

Thanks to the implementation of a secondary market, we solve the liquidity issue as investors can sell their shares at any moment, without having to wait to IPO or acquisition.

We have also built a unique approach in assessing startups raising funds. We have a panel of 3rd party experts evaluating each company going for crowdfunding and any investor has the possibility to access this insightful report highlighting strengths, risks and opportunities. This approach represents  a solid reinsurance vs. the lack of information and risk of scam.

The advantages for startups.

Securing the funds needed to establish and scale the business is one of the biggest challenge entrepreneur face. With Bloomio startups can attract capital from investors by presenting a compelling business plan and highlighting the most relevant KPIs.

The advantages go beyond the practical convenience of making one pitch to thousand of investors, instead than thousand pitches to individual investors. The real benefit, indeed, relates to the help the crowd bring to scale. The many investors which will join the crowdfunding will be talking about the company, promoting it across their network of friends, colleagues, partners. They will be the brand ambassadors of any company they invest, boosting its awareness and customer base.

Academic interest for Bloomio.

Bloomio has proudly been cooperating with business schools and universities. The first path of this journey was winning the 2017 IMD startup competition, allowing us to cooperate with a MBA class. Bloomio was then selected as subject of a Master dissertation from the University of Venice ‘Ca Foscari. We are particularly proud of this academic attention as we recognize that a key component of the success of the mindset shift from traditional finance to fintech, passes from a solid education.

Key Timelines.

Right now: We are currently completing due diligence for the listed startups

  • H1’2020: Start of crowdfunding campaigns
  • H2’2020: Secondary market deployment

How to get in contact with Bloomio?

By its website and email:

All key updates are reflected on our website and you are welcome to get in touch with our team at

By its Social Networks:


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