Bitbrain: A World-Leading Startup In Neurotechnology 2020

Bitbrain: A World-Leading Startup In Neurotechnology 2020

I interviewed María López Valdés Co-Founder & CEO at Bitbrain. Bitbrain is a Spanish Health Tech Startup that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and hardware to develop innovative products.

Why did you create Bitbrain?

The reason why we created Bitbrain was, in part, because of the media. When I was working at the University, my partner Javier Mínguez and his research team developed several pioneering prototypes in the world, such as mind-controlled robots, wheelchairs, and neuroprosthetics. We were fortunate that two international journals with high media impact such as Wired and NewScientist echoed these advances, and thus, we received a genuine flood of reporters from all over the world.

In all these interviews, however, the last question always asked was: When will neurotechnology arrive to the society?

The funny thing is that we had never considered it and we had no answer for that. I think there was a before and after of that experience, because it was what triggered us to think about how could we make these advances in science and technology accessible to everybody, and that’s how Bitbrain emerged.

What is your vision?

We are already in the fourth industrial revolution, a scientific-technological revolution that will modify the foundations of our way of living, our work and our relationships. And perhaps, because we feel part of that change, we believe that it is essential to work so that this revolution does not sabotage us, but rather empowers and helps us make the world a better place to be.

We defend a model in which new technologies generate the common good and preserve what we consider most valuable as humanity. We must identify that the human being (and not the profit interest) is the center of all decisions, and we defend the use of the technology to enhance us instead of overcoming us.

How do you help your customers and partners?

On the one hand, we are helping academic and business researchers to better understand human behaviour through neuroscience. The key point is that our hardware and software solutions are developed to be used in such a way that everybody can benefit from neurotechnology even without previous experience in neuroscience. Moreover, our technology can be used in real scenarios as well as laboratories, with extraordinary signal quality, great comfort and ease.

Bitbrain Health Products
Bitbrain Health Products

On the other hand, we are working with different institutions in order to enhance human capabilities. For instance, we are working with elderly people in nursing homes to combat age-related cognitive impairment, we have developed prototypes in order to help tetraplegic people to move their arms or legs again and we are working with sports and e-sports teams to increase the concentration of their players.

What makes Bitbrain different?

We believe that the best way to contribute to this discipline is to share our knowledge with other professionals. Therefore, we have developed a series of solutions that allow both professionals with extensive experience in scientific experimentation, as well as other profiles that do not come from science, to be able to use these technological innovations in an easy, practical and rigorous way, in all kinds of contexts and in a wide range of applications.

And of course, what also makes us different our scientific rigor, our technological capacity, an experience of more than ten years and a team of 20 specialists in different disciplines such as engineering, physics, mathematics, psychology, marketing or design that work every day to keep Bitbrain on the frontier of knowledge.

What type of solutions are your core business?

As mentioned before, we offer highly competitive hardware and software for real-world human behaviour research and applications. Among our hardware products, we highlight the EEG systems, developed with dry or water-based sensors, and the most ergonomic designs, to face any type of neuro-research.


However, we also market other mobile biosignal devices to record multiple physiological variables (EMG, ECG, GSR, Temperature, Respiration, Air-flow…), motion, and people tracking (indoor positioning systems), etc.

Regarding our software, we offer a human behaviour research platform to record more than 35 sensors simultaneously with millisecond synchronization, and with a biometric plugin which incorporates all the neuroscientific knowledge (experimental protocols, decodings, etc.) in order to allow non-experts to obtain non-conscious human data in an easy and reliable way.

We also have a patented and innovative neurotechnology platform for cognitive training that is used in nursing homes, sports teams, and RRHH departments among others.

And finally, we offer ad-hoc services that range from the development of neurotechnology projects to research consultancy, from where we collaborated with many international companies such as Nissan, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Seat or Bupa, and with Universities all over the world.

How to get in contact with Bitbrain?

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