Bio Conscious: Disrupting The Diabetes Management Space 2020

Bio Conscious: Disrupting The Diabetes Management Space 2020

It is estimated that 415 million people are living with diabetes in the world. Unfortunately, the diabetes has became a very common illness  around the world. Bio Conscious Technologies  is disrupting the diabetes management space using machine learning to build personalized disease prevention and management tools.

Bio Conscious: Disrupting the Diabetes Management Space

Why did you create Bio Conscious?

In the last 60 years, major advances have been made in procedures for treatmenting disease. While investment in the medical sector has been massive, it has produced almost exclusively reactive treatments where interventions are always facing backwards. Prevention of disease and complications has taken a back seat. Today, treatment doesn’t address cause, but rather is only administered to patients who are already suffering from disease, and whose lives are already irrevocably altered.

Reactive disease management means money is wasted. While early intervention can improve treatment outcomes, the key to reducing the public burden of disease is to identify and prevent disease altogether. With this goal in mind, we started Bio Conscious to shift clinical care from reactive to proactive.

Glucose metabolism is a key indicator of general health, so we started first with modeling glucose metabolism to identify anomalies. Our core preventative technology has implications for severe and chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. In the last 3 years we have focused our efforts on patients with diabetes who require help managing their blood sugar.

What is your vision?

Our vision is a world without disease.

We will accomplish this by preventing disease onset through early detection using predictive technology. Doing this will reinvent clinical care,  shifting it from reactive to proactive.

How does Bio Conscious help its customers?

We work with both patients and doctors to make day-to-day treatment of disease proactive.  Diabits, our flagship product, is a free mobile app for patients with diabetes, which integrates with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to read blood sugar data. Diabits processes that data with a machine learning algorithm to provide a forecast of up to 60 minute of where the patient’s blood sugar is headed. Giving the patient foresight as to what their blood sugar will look like in the near term allows them to take proactive measures to make sure they stay within their target range. Patients who use Diabits have better blood sugar control throughout the day, resulting in improved health outcomes over time.

Patients using Diabits can then also share their data directly with their primary care provider or certified diabetes educator.  This healthcare professional can then spend less time reviewing patient data, and more time making targeted recommendations to improve the patient’s treatment, further improving health.

What makes Bio Conscious different?

Bio Conscious is the pioneer when it comes to understanding metabolism. We are not a healthcare company, we are a technology company focusing its efforts on improving the way healthcare is managed. Using our tools to better understand human metabolism, we will shift the healthcare industry’s focus from treatment to prevention, creating a world where we can prevent disease. Our algorithms use novel approaches which only consider the individual patient’s own personal data.   By avoiding the use of generalized population models, we focus on each person’s unique physiology, resulting in unparalleled accuracy of our blood sugar predictions.

How to get in contact with Bio Conscious Technologies?

You can contact by its website:


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