Betting Kings – World Leading Alternative Investment Consulting 2020

Betting Kings – World Leading Alternative Investment Consulting 2020

Betting Kings® (BK) is a world leading Alternative Investment Consulting Firm, founded by a seasoned and forward-thinking group of professionals with a common vision. We provide professional alternative investment consulting to members and clients worldwide.

Betting Kings – World Leading Alternative Investment Consulting.

What is trending in Investable Collectibles?

More and more companies, like Rally Rd., AcreTrader, StockX and many others, are stepping up to offer non-traditional investments in Investable Collectibles, art, collectible cars, trading cards, whiskey, wine, sports games, shoes and even fractional investing in farmland. With so many more companies and alternative assets to invest in, how do you determine what investment is right for you?

How does Betting King help you?

Betting Kings is helping members make smarter decisions, finding hidden liquidity and profitability in many of these Alternative Investments. Betting Kings leverages unique data and true artificial intelligence (AI) to search for associations between behaviors and their impact on events to match market-moving information with non-traditional investments and liquid assets.

Unique data and Artificial Intelligence make Betting King unique.

“The world of investable assets has changed. Betting Kings leverages unique data and AI to help our clients construct digital portfolios that are comprised of alternative assets.

Many of these liquid assets were unavailable to the everyday person in the past,” says Betting Kings President/CEO Kary Hisrich. “Betting Kings Membership certainly has its perks. In many cases our members get pre-launch access to investments, which allows access before the general public. Often BK Members are also given cash towards some of the investments offered. We leverage the power of our community of Personal Finance Enthusiasts™ to offer perks, savings and exclusive access to our members.”

Emotional investment mistakes and Betting Kings Investment Advice.

It is extremely important to remind our members that while they may find an emotional connection to these new investments – as many are nostalgic, not all of these investments will glean the ROI that they may expect or be 100% liquid. For example, with some fractional investments, there are often limited trading windows or time periods required to hold an investment.

Alternative Investments can be profitable and help diversify an investment portfolio. With alternative assets, it is especially important to keep in mind what technology is guiding your investment decisions. We look forward to helping grow our members digital portfolios with products like these and others that we are currently working on.

How to get in contact with Betting Kings?

You can keep in contact with Betting Kings by its Website:

By email to Email Address: (Janet Davenport)

Or by its Social Networks:

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