Discover Betting Kings: Revolutionizing The Way You Invest On Sports

Discover Betting Kings: Revolutionizing The Way You Invest On Sports

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I interviewed to the Founder and CEO from Betting Kings: Kary Hisrich . Betting Kings is an innovative Fintech and Sports Tech from United States and it is revolutionizing the way you invest on sports.

Why did you create your Tech Startup?

Betting Kings forecasted a need to help the everyday person invest in alternative assets.  There is extensive information available to individuals who choose to invest in traditional assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds – or even real estate. There is a significant gap in information for individuals who choose to invest in alternative assets.

We started with the sports betting industry as we forecasted a significant need in this market.  As more and more states started to pass sports betting legislation in the United States, we knew there was going to be an influx of inexperienced sports bettors. Our goal was to partner and create technology that would help train and educate and provide investment information to individuals who were new to sports betting.

As Betting Kings continues to grow, we offer more investment information to members to help diversify our clients’ sports investment portfolios – including investment information in collectibles, such as sports memorabilia and trading cards. All of these areas of investing make up the Betting Kings Sports Investment Strategy, which is an overall responsible, disciplined, intelligent diversified approach that Betting Kings is famous for.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Leveraging technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Betting Kings provides information to the everyday person who chooses to invest in sports games or sports collectibles to help them earn money and grow their sports investment portfolios.

We didn’t want to stop with an app that provides training, education and information on responsible sports betting to members. We wanted to train and certify sports investment consultants who would all speak the same language and champion the Betting Kings strategy, which is a disciplined, intelligent, responsible, diversified approach to sports investing.

Traditional investment firms probably won’t have a sports investment consultant on hand to help an individual build a sports investment portfolio, but we do. Betting Kings works to empower our members to invest in sports asset classes by leveraging AI, analytical tools and market trends that help individuals invest in the right sports investments for their portfolios. We review portfolios to ensure that they are aligned with established goals and offer advice to help keep them on track. Our Sports Investment Consultants are here to help!

Along the way, we also developed the Betting Kings “Marketing Command Center” which is a state-of-the-art marketing center that we make available to our Senior Sports Investment Consultants – as well as a select group of clients.

Kary Hisrich -Founder CEO

Prior to becoming Betting Kings President & CEO, Kary served as the lead for the Office of the CEO (OCEO) as well as the Transformation Office of Deloitte LLP. Kary also spent more than a decade in Deloitte Consulting LLP serving financial services clients as well as several years on wall street at Goldman Sachs.

Kary received an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and two Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University. Having an Entrepreneurship Professor as a father, Kary has always had a passion for not only business, but also Entrepreneurship.

Kary saw a glaring cap in the alternative asset space – and started with the sports betting market over 3.5 years ago. Kary started Betting Kings with vision that alternative assets, such as sports betting, or Sports Investing, needed to be treated, as serious as any other financial services product. Further, people selling information in these spaces should be trained accordingly.

Betting Kings offers a full-service mobile app.

Over the past several years, Betting Kings has created several different technologies to help facilitate this vision. Betting Kings offers a full-service mobile app that delivers, training, education and a certification in sports investing. The app also delivers investment advice on sports games, including which games to invest in and a money management system indicating how much to invest.

Betting Kings has expanded to also provide members with investment information in collectibles, such as sports memorabilia and trading cards. All of these areas of investing make up the Betting Kings Sports Investment Strategy, which is an overall responsible, disciplined, intelligent diversified approach that Betting Kings is famous for.

What is Betting Kings’s vision?

Betting Kings is a world leading Sports Investment Consulting Firm, founded by a seasoned and forward-thinking group of professionals with a common vision. We provide professional sports investment advice to a wide range of clients worldwide. As a full-service Sports Investment Company, our goal is to continue to diversify and grow our clients Sports Investment portfolios exponentially.

Betting Kings leverages a true artificial intelligence (AI) based approach to search for associations between behaviors and their impact on events to match market-moving information with Sports Investment assets, such as our sports related 30-day Sports Investment Strategy and other investment vehicles including trading cards and sports memorabilia. Leveraging true AI enables Betting Kings to find a strategic edge, allowing for true material revenue growth in the vast sports investing market.

Betting Kings also offers robust software that we refer to as the Betting Kings “Marketing Command Center”. The BK Marketing Command Center is a state-of-the-art system that helps Betting Kings Sports Investment Consultants drive business and increase the quality of customer service.

Betting Kings also launched “Nothing but Net”

Betting Kings now has members and sports investment consultants worldwide. We also recently launched “Nothing but Net” groups, which are groups of professional women who believe in investing in alternative assets and will connect to help drive the Betting Kings message of intelligent, disciplined, diversified sports investing. Betting Kings views Sports Investing as a true financial asset class.

Could you share your Successes?

Betting Kings now has members and sports investment consultants worldwide leveraging Betting Kings technologies and strategies. Betting Kings has also partnered with several professional sports teams and professional athletes worldwide.

How to get in contact with Betting Kings?

You can keep in contact with Betting Kings by its Website:

By email to Email Address: (Janet Davenport)

Or by its Social Networks:



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