Best 11+Angel Investors San Francisco for your startup

Best 11+Angel Investors San Francisco for your startup

Angel Investors San Francisco has a great impact on the growing startup epicenter of North America. Together with Silicon Valley, San Francisco accounted for 13.5% of the global startup deals. And San Francisco alone had hosted 10% of the worldwide venture capital deals, ranking it on the top of the list.

With this rich startup culture, businesses are growing and emerging in San Francisco. We have come up with a list of Angel Investors San Francisco you should be looking for to invest in your San Francisco-based startup. So let’s get straight into it.

Angel Investors San Francisco

Here is the list of angel investors from San Francisco.

Auren Hoffman

The first name on the list of angel investors San Francisco, is Auren Hoffman. A graduate of the University of California and an enthusiastic entrepreneur started his journey right after graduation by establishing an intranet consulting company in 1995. This journey was never laid off, and he kept on moving. Some of the startups initiated by Mr. Hoffman include BridgePath, CTO of Kyber Systems, BrightRoll that was acquired by Yahoo, Dialog Retreat, and Liveramp. Currently, he is CEO and founder of SafeGraph.

  • Amount of Investments: Mr. Hoffman’s investment portfolio is by no means less than his entrepreneurial journey with over 120+ technology companies.
  • Linkedin profile:

Benjamin Ling

Among the angel investors San Francisco, Mr. Benjamin Ling has been investing in diverse startups. He is a graduate of Stanford University and started his career at a giant organization Google. He served as Head of Google ecommerce, led product management teams, led product management and marketing at Facebook, Head of Platforms and Syndication at YouTube, Head if Google search products, and mobile application lab. Later, he also served as COO at Badoo.

He has started his investment career and became a general partner at Khosla Ventures. Currently, he is a founding general partner at Bling Capital. Mr. Ling’s portfolio includes seed round lead at numerous startups, including Vise, Printify, Sprout Therapy, Tempo, etc.

Bobby Yazdani

He is among angel investors San Francisco, who has vast experience in entrepreneurship and investments. Mr.Bobby started investments in 1989 when the startup scene was just growing up. His most investments were in NASDAQ listed companies, including BluePrint Genetics, Klout, Uber, CleverSense, Mission Bio, Aardvark, etc.

He has also established many startups, including Saba, founded in 1997 and was made public in 2000. Mr. Bobby has the privilege of being featured by CB insights as #1 out of 2000 angel investors for successful follow-on funding. Currently, Bobby Yazdani is the managing partner and founder at Cota Capital, a firm that invests in private and public tech companies.

David Blado

David Blado is among the enthusiastic people who are always venturing into new things to satisfy their zest to explore. Mr. Blado identifies himself as an engineering operations manager turned product Evangelist turner Entrepreneur! And we expect there is a lot more to come his way.

After completing his masters in Engineering from Clarkson University, he didn’t stop there. The inner entrepreneur of David Blado kept on punching him for acquiring business education, and he ended up doing an MBA from his Alma Mater in 2003. His work experience includes working as an engineer at eBay, deCarta and worked ad product marketing manager at Red Hat. He started his entrepreneurial journey parallel to his jobs and founded Blade CG, a consulting firm helping businesses with IT management, Technical support services, etc. Currently, he is CTO and co-founder at VendOp, along with Blade CG.

For more information, visit his profile at

Jared Kopf

The next on the list of angel investors San Francisco is Jared Kopf. Mr. Kopf identifies himself to be an investor in people, businesses, and ideas. He has been into the investing business since 2005 and has invested as an early investor in startups, including Amplitude, Lending Home, Mindbloom, Palantir, Ride Cell, and others. His work experience is also very vast, and the last job he did was supervising a studio and setting up voice companies.

Keith Rabois

Mr. Rabois is among the angel investors San Francisco who got the opportunity to invest in big giant startups like Google, Airbnb, Quora, Yammer, Weebly, Palantirz, and Eventbrite. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and has been helping businesses to grow through their early-stage. The success of Mr. Rabois can be estimated by the fact that the companies he helped have become public with more than $1 billion capitalizations. He has also served as a director of Xoom, and currently, he is a general partner at Founders Fund.

Matt Ocko

Matt Ocko is the next name on our list of angel investors San Francisco, who holds a physics degree from Yale University. His love for entrepreneurship pulled him out of the science lab to business labs and turned him into an entrepreneur and investor. Mr. Ocko has vast experience of over 30 years in investments. He is working as managing director at Data Collective, Archimedes, and active investors in various startups. His expertise is in technology, operating executive, and venture capitalists across the U.S and China.

Naval Ravikant

The next name on our list of angel investors San Francisco is Naval Ravikant, who identifies himself as a Venture hacker. His portfolio’s prominent investments are Hit Forge,, August Capital, and Epinions, Inc. He has graduated in Computer Science and economics from Dartmouth College. For more insights about Naval Ravikant, visit his profile at

Peter Scoderling

Peter Soderling is a computer science graduate, and this is depicted in his choice of investments. He loves to invest in big data and analytics, technology, and data-backed startups. He identifies himself as a Startup founder, advisor, and investor. His vision is to enable businesses to employ data and AI to keep up with technology’s growing pace.

Raymond Tonsing

The next on the list of angel investors San Francisco is Raymond Tonsing, who resides in San Francisco and has been investing in local startups. He also owns an early-stage venture capital firm under the name of Caffeinated Capital. He specializes in venture capital, growth capital, secondaries, private equities, and debt financing.

Scott Banister

Finally, on the list of angel investors San Francisco is Scott Banister, a capitalist, and investor. He has been into investing and capital business for over seven years and has invested in many companies. Some names from his portfolio are Eski Bionics, Topsy, Slide, Postmates, Slide, Da Vinci Schools, and IronPort Systems.

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