100+ Angel Investors For Startups

100+ Angel Investors For Startups

Today, I bring you a list of 100+ Angel Investors. This post aims to put together all this free content for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders, and students of Entrepreneurship.

The purpose is to find everything that you need for your Startup in one place.

Angel Investors for Startups: Definition, Differences and How to Pitch and where to find them.

Angel Investors Definition

They are individuals that invest in early-stage Startups, in most of the cases. They are individuals with extra cash looking investments with return from this extra cash.

Why to get invested by an Angel Investor?

It is less risky than a loan. If you fail with a loan, you must to pay in all the cases. With an Angel Investor, they usually look for a partnership or become a co-founder.

How to choose the correct one for your Startup?

You must clarify all the terms in advance, so it is not against you. Another critical point is the vertical market, relationships, and expertise by them. They will “open a lot of doors” for you and your startup in the best case.

In this article I explain everything in details: What are Angel Investors?

Now that you know who they are, you want to know: Where Can I find an Angel Investor for my Startup? I made a list by location to help you with this matter. You can see who is the best, depending on your location and who are the most active Investors.

List of Angel Investors by location.

United States

New York City

In this article I speak about the Top 3 in New York City:

  • Fabrice Grinda: 179 Startups invested.
  • David Tisch: 134 Startups invested.
  • Peter Kellner: 127 Startups invested.

Only these 3 people have invested in over 440+ Startups. The other 20+ Investors are not so active as them, but you should consider to contact them to get invested at your Startup. You can find more: 23+ Angel Investors New York City.

23+ Angel Investors New York City for your Startup

San Francisco

In this list, the most active investor in San Francisco or the most important ones are two:

  • Bobby Yazdani: 120 Startups invested. featured by CB insights as #1 out of 2000 angel investors for successful follow-on funding.
  • Auren Hoffman: 120+ Tech Startups invested.

Only these 2 people have invested in over 240+ Startups. You can find more: Best 11+ Angel Investors San Francisco

Best 11+Angel Investors San Francisco for your startup

Los Angeles

In this list, the most active investor in Los Angeles are:

  • Eric Manlunas: 350+ Startups invested in the past 17 years.
  • Richard Wolpert: A pioner of this industry.
  • Ashton Kutcher. We can highligh the following startups investsments: Airbnb, AeroFs, Bitpay, Airtable, Airtime, Bloomthat. He has also co-founded some startups like Aplus and A-grade.
  • Talmadge O’Neill: 150+ Startups funded.

They have invested over 600+ Startups with some big names. You can find more: 13+ Angel Investors Los Angeles

13+ Angel Investors Los Angeles for your Startup



7+ Differences: Angel Investor VS Venture Capitalist

Would you like to know the difference between an Angel Investor and a Venture Capitalist. Here are the 7 main differences.

  • Amount of the Investment. As individuals the amount of the investment by Angels are very limited compared with the VCs. In most of the cases VCs have a bigger capitals compared to an Angel Investor.
  • Return on investment. VCs invest bigger amounts but they also request bigger returns compared to individual investors.
  • Structure. An Angel Investor is an individual and the Venture Capitalists are companies. The structure is completely different.
  • Due Diligence. In most cases, the individual investors don’t take part in the Due Diligence. This statistic is different in the case of the VCs. They participate more in this matter.
  • Motivation of Investment. A VC is a company, thus they have to do a bigger research compared with individual investors.
  • Specialization. Most of the Angel Investors are focused on early-stage startups. In the case of VCs, the specialization is more distributed. It means, in both cases they invest in early-stage and late-stage startups. However, the first group is more focused on new startups.
  • How to pitch them? To a VC, you pitch a company and, in the second case, to an individual. In both cases, you need to make the best impressions, and to achieve this, you have to do research. So, the main differences are the interest of the individuals and how to pitch them.

You can find the extended information at the following post: Angel Investors VS Venture Capitalists

Angel Investors VS Venture Capitalists: 7 Great Differences

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