Ai TradeX – Artificial Intelligence To Invest In Stocks Markets 2020

Ai TradeX – Artificial Intelligence To Invest In Stocks Markets 2020

The Co-Founders from Ainnova Tech:  Marcos Vinicio Vargas (CEO) and Rodrigo Herrera, (CTO) introduces its new Fintech Solutions Ai-Tradex. Ai-Tradex combines Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Big data in order to make the right decision at the right time for investing in Stock Markets.

Ai TradeX – Artificial Intelligence To Invest In Stocks Markets

What is Ai Tradex?

Ai Tradex is the smartest investment application in order to find the best company shares in the market. It looks for the shares that are ramping up in real-time from the principal stock exchanges that are available to be bought, in addition, it provides you the latest news related to the stocks of your interest so you can do a smart decision to generate a higher profit.

Besides, it gives you the option to track your portfolio providing you analysis with the best trade technics for future decisions.

How does Ai Tradex help to the investors?

Through the time Ai Tradex learns from the trends and behaviors found in the charts on each of the stocks of your interest and provides predictions in seconds in order to make the right decision at the right time.

Our market is Individual Investors, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Stock Exchanges and Banks around the globe. Ai Tradex differentiates not only for the artificial intelligence algorithms and its constant learning but by sending an email and mobile notifications of great investment opportunities that are showing up suddenly that probably we have to be in front of a screen all day to notice them.

How does Ai Tradex work?

It handles a huge amount of data from different sources and processes it through artificial intelligence algorithms in order to provide accurate results, manage all those information in order to learn and keep improving its recommendations according to the customer’s profile. It is an independent application so the customer has a great advantage to select their desire broker or stock exchange.

Could you share your roadmap?

We are getting focus to take advantage of our artificial intelligence expertise in order to provide a customizable application for our customers that makes them reach their goals faster and easier than ever.

Our mission with Ai Tradex is to merge forces with complex investment systems and not closing doors to joint ventures or investment funds for a common success.

How to get in contact with Ainnova Tech?

By Ainnova Tech’s website:

You can find more information at Ainnova Tech website:

By e-mail and telephone:

However, if you want to get in contact with us directly please, send an email or call directly to us:

  • Vinicio Vargas: and (+506)8509-4546
  • Rodrigo Herrera and (+506)8888-2072

By its Social Networks:

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