19+ Best AI Startups 2021

19+ Best AI Startups 2021
Tech Startups Using Artificial Intelligence To Watch

The use of Artificial Intelligence by Tech Startups is becoming more and more popular, thus I decided to remark the Best AI Startups To Watch in 2021. You can find their category and the representative country.

19+ Best AI Startups To Watch in 2021

Photoneo: One of the fastest growing AI Startups from our list

Photoneo is a leading developer of advanced automation solutions based on in-house developed robotic intelligence and industrial 3D vision.

The company’s smart pick-and-place systems Universal Depalletizer, Singulation & Sorting System, and AnyPick are powered by AI algorithms that are trained on huge data sets of objects. The algorithms can perfectly adapt to new data, which means that they can generalize and quickly recognize new types of items that they have never “seen” before. Photoneo adopts the most modern approach to AI-powered segmentation and localization of objects – a convolutional neural network (CNN). This way the systems can recognize objects of various shapes, sizes, textures, materials, and orientations.

Photoneo helps companies boost their processes, improve productivity & efficiency, increase safety, and save costs. The target sectors include logistics, e-commerce, automotive, food and medical industries, and many others.


The most powerful AI initiatives need more than structure. With better AI data, you get better results. Shaip offers high-quality curated data (text, audio, image, or video) for Artificial Intelligence models. Thanks to the structured data and other allied services (data de-identification, data labeling/annotation), their customer are able to train their Artificial Intelligence models better and more accurately, which ultimately results in better decisions.

  • Industry: Information Technology and Services
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • Website: https://www.shaip.com/
  • Video:


8topuz was created in order to offer  the best alternative for retail investors to the traditional savings accounts. fully automated and in the hands of Artificial Intelligence. Their team have over 13 years of financial background, working in Banking, Investment and Fintech Companies. Seeing clearly visible opportunities, they developed the system into a fully automated trading software solution that could be used by traders to minimize the risk in their trading activity.

8topuz is delivering a consistent and audited ROI of 3% average per month since 2016. The consistency of its results, and the fact that they are one of few companies applying artificial intelligence to an investment product makes 8topuz one of the most promising AI Startups from our list.



Existing fraud detection systems cannot compete with the ever-changing fraud landscape and evolving techniques. Thus, Threatmark makes a unique approach to fight against online banking fraud by building Big Data for each user and applying Machine Learning Intelligence and Cyber Threat detection.


One of the most interesting AI Startups from our list. Argo is a self-driving technology platform company that integrates software, hardware and maps, etc. that power self-driving cars making traveling easier and efficient. Utmost focus is put on safety to make consumer experience safe and secure.

  • Industry: Travel-Tech, Mobility
  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Website: https://www.argo.ai/

INAI Vox built an online global TTS service platform that covers 47 languages and over 200 kinds of voice

TTS, text-to-speech is known as the standard voice, is less costly compared to neural voice. With the standard voices, you could choose from a female or male narrator that reads your content in a very natural way sound effects and friendly voices like yours will feel comfortable to listen. With INAI Vox, you can use voice anywhere, anytime, and with anyone

INAI Vox can give you fluent voices in your language, without an accent.
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Over 200 voices are covering in total, 47 languages are supported at this point. AI voice is 30% more accurate than general voice. TTS, text-to-speech is known as the standard voice, is less costly compared to neural voice. With the standard voices, you could choose from a female or male narrator that reads your content in a very natural way sound effects and friendly voices like yours will feel comfortable to listen.


Luminance is an artificial intelligence platform designed specifically for the legal profession. Built from a blend of supervised and unsupervised ML (Machine learning), it does not only form an understanding of a document but then augment this knowledge by learning from the interaction between legal professionals and the actual situation at hand.


SenSat allows companies working in physical domains, such as infrastructure construction, to make cost-efficient and informed decisions in complex cases. The Visual intelligence that they have introduced focuses on teaching the computers to fully understand and give interactive solutions to real-life problems.


Zelros is a B2B independent software vendor focusing on providing ease of access to insurance banks and insurance players by using Artificial Intelligence. Its mission is to revolutionize and re-enchant its relationship with its customers.

Fox Robotics

Fox Robotics is a Startup focused on warehouse automation. They are focused on cloud services, computer vision and AI for Industrial Robots, self-driving cars and cloud robotics.

CureMetrix AI Startups for Breast Cancer

Making a revolution as a breast cancer startup and breast health examination. CureMetrix incorporate Artificial Intelligence to develop high precision tools for mammography, delivering data-backed answers to radiologists for perfect screening, prognosis, and treatment. Their cmTriage™ is an FDA approved platform offering its diagnostic services to radiologists worldwide.


Cardiologs is a Startup committed to use AI to facilitate patients in cardiac diagnostics. It has partnered with leading cardiology experts to come up with an efficient solution to empower clinicians to deliver expert cardiac care services efficiently.


Pony.ai delivers autonomous mobility everywhere in the world by building the safest and most reliable self-driving technology. Pony.AI is one of the best invested AI Startups from our list. Last round received US $ 267 M.


Another Fintech from our list of AI Startups. Affirm uses ML (machine learning) algorithms for credit underwriting. It aims to provide affordable ways to buy online.


Rossum’s artificial intelligence understands complex structured documents, enabling companies to capture data from financial documents efficiently and with human-level accuracy.

Ainnova Tech

Ainnovatech, is an AI Startup that uses the top of the artificial intelligence technology, with our knowledgeable team we create software for a better world. We are proud of our product BRAIN TD that is an additional tool for health care resources that empower their decisions and speed the patient’s assistance.

BrainTD, identify, segment and classify brain tumors using a supervised learning, the system is trained by more than 10k classified images and then uses a neural network to complete a successful classification with more than 90% of accuracy by each of the tumor classes, the best of BrainTD is that its knowledge is self-sustainable, at the moment to receive new images so as a result, the accuracy will increase due to the variety of images from different medical centers all working together for the same purpose, save lives.


To finish our list of AI Startups, Tractable makes use of Artificial intelligence to assess the damage and estimate the total repair costs in real-time. It can help identify damages made to vehicles after unfortunate accidents and other structural damage to houses. It visually analysis the situation like a human and give approximate repair costs.


LabGenius is developing next-gen protein therapeutics by using robotic automation and advanced ML (Machine Learning) to improve multiple drug properties.


With each day passing by, the utilization of AI and smart software is increasing in our lives. Verdaka Security is a representative of the tech industry boom about AI Startups. Employing Artificial Intelligence models specifically for providing security to your business Verkada provides methods for improving, maintaining and ensuring a secure presence with its ability to foresee, calculate and act beforehand for preventing any breach.

AI Startups using Artificial Intelligence to grow.

How Innovative Startups Use Artificial Intelligence to growDid you like our article about AI Startups? Then you may be interested about how AI Startups are using Artificial Intelligence to grow.

Lomit Patel, the author of this book knows what it takes to boost growth to make a start-up successful. As the VP of Growth at IMVU, he is responsible for user acquisition, retention and monetization. Apart from this he is also an author, advisor and a well-known speaker.

The Lean AI book deals with how start-ups can benefit when they use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to boost their growth.

This book is scheduled for publication around mid-March but is available for order at Amazon today.

You can read the full article: How innovative startups use Artificial Intelligence to grow 2021.

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