Acid Tango – Creative Software Studio 2020

Acid Tango – Creative Software Studio 2020

Following Acid Tango’s exponential growth in 2019 and swift positioning as a leading tech venture builder in Spain, Startupstips has interviewed its co-founders Alejandro González and Juan Francisco Nogueras. They both had a sound experience in the development industry when they decided to create this software boutique which, as they define themselves, “This made up of software rebels who aim to create the perfectest product in the market”.

Acid Tango – Creative Software Studio

For those who don’t know you: what is exactly Acid Tango?

Alejandro González: Acid Tango is a creative software studio. And what does that mean? Basically, we create digital products as MVPs and get them ready to be launched to the market. Our clients are funded startups, venture builders and innovation departments from large corporations.

Juan Nogueras: We like to call ourselves a “boutique” since we provide a very exclusive and unique service. In other words, quite the opposite of a large-scale consultancy firm.

Why did you create your tech startup? How did you came with the idea of Acid Tango?

AG: We have both spent most of our professional careers working for tech companies -from engineering to sales, no matter what. At some point, I realized there was a niche in the phase of scaling up startups, especially those with a strong technology component.

JN: Since we met in college we knew we wanted to create something fresh, something different, something… with an acid twist! So when the opportunity came, we knew we would work well together due to our previous experience.

Founders personal story.

AG: My time in Silicon Valley was absolutely crucial. I had always been intrigued with creating things and forming organizations, and there I learnt most of the skills I needed -which would later crystalize in Acid Tango. In fact, I firstly created another software company, direct competitor of Ticketea, but it didn’t really work out.

JN: I started working in the R+D sector until my desire for creativity came out and started my career as a videogame developer. After some years, Álex came with the idea of creating Acid Tango from scratch and I couldn’t say no to such a challenge. We’ve gone through some rough periods, but seeing how the company has grown in the last year has been an incredibly rewarding journey!

What is your vision?

JN: Our purpose is to create great digital products -and have fun in the meantime. So, in the long-run we would say our vision is to become a leading full-cycle product development studio that works as a technological and design partner to businesses worldwide while contributing to the community.

AG: Right on. In a shorter period of time though, our main objective is to start our international expansion in Europe’s main tech hubs, such as Amsterdam, Berlin and the Nordic countries, and become a referral in terms of corporate venture building. We also see ourselves as best place to work in the tech ecosystem and a reference in the Open Source Community.

Could you share the secret behind your success?

AG: There is no secret salsa, but hard work. If you are building a software company, you should keep in mind that your software is not an exclusive ingredient and can probably be copied in a short amount of time. The design, the execution and the originality of your idea is way more important. We focus on these steps and always try to provide the best outcome possible for our clients’ requirements.

JN: And, of course, the quality of our professionals. Besides being experts in the market’s leading technologies, they all share a spirit for continuous learning. This definitely makes them the greatest asset of Acid Tango.

What makes your tech startup different?

JN: I truly believe that we offer unparalleled handcrafted products. We have chosen uniqueness over mass production, sometimes at the expense of faster growth, and I think our customer base understands the value of what is being produced.

AG: Exactly. Acid Tango has the expertise to launch and scale up startups technically but also the ability of helping them with business intelligence. We work together with our customers’ teams, not just as a mere providers. And you can tell the difference in the results.

How to get in touch with Acid Tango?

By Acidtango’s website and email:

You can reach the Acid Tango team via their web:

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